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3 bedroom home for sale on N. Grand Street

THG/Sean Friel. To purchase photos in The Gazette, call (609) 704-1940. This home is located at 251 N. Grand Street.

Located in a great area that’s walkable to downtown, 251 N. Grand Street offers a desirable place to relax and unwind. Featuring three bedrooms and two bathrooms, the home has ample space for a small family in Hammonton. The outside of the home sports a tan siding that meshes well with the grey stone featured on the building. A two car garage is visible from the front of the home which leads to the driveway. Walking up to the front door of the home, guests will notice the tiny porch located next to the garage of the home. The space has some room for maybe one or two chairs, for interested homeowners to relax and enjoy the nice sunny day.

When first entering the home, guests will notice the hardwood floors almost immediately.

Featured throughout the first floor of the home, the hardwood floors feel sturdy and shine under the natural light. Walking farther into the home, guests will enter into an open floor plan, with the living room, dining room and kitchen located all in one area.

The open floor plan allows for some creativity for the new owner, designing the layout of the home to their heart’s desire. The large area that would be considered the living room sports a fireplace, as well as a ceiling fan. The kitchen in the home features all new appliances, with white cabinets to clash with the grey walls. An island sits in the middle of the kitchen, with room for a large table next to it. A chandelier overhangs where a table could be, which is featured by a set of windows in the home. The first floor also features the laundry room, as well as an updated bathroom.

The winding staircase at the front of the home will take guests up to the second floor, where the bedrooms of the home are. The foyer of the home is large, with a chandelier hanging from the center. A large window adds some natural light to the area, brightening up the foyer.

Heading into the first room, guests will notice that the white walls work well with the carpeted second floor of the home. Two windows are featured in this room, bringing some natural light into the area. A ceiling fan hangs above, with a personal bathroom connected to the room.

The bathroom features a shower, toilet and two sinks.

The other two rooms of the home are quite similar, each sporting one window and featuring the white walls with the tan carpet. Each room has a ceiling fan and would be perfect for the younger members in the family. A tiny bathroom that is painted pink is also on the second floor of the home, with a shower, toilet and working sink.

The basement of the home is not finished, however, it provides space for storage or maybe doubles as a workout space. The large area can fit a large amount of supplies and still have room for activities. Two windows allow for a small amount of natural light into the room, with black poles posted in the center of the room for support.

The backyard of the home has plenty of space for young children to run around, or even a pet. A door featured near the kitchen leads guests out to a concrete patio, which could be perfect for a patio set. The large yard is fenced in, allowing for potential homeowners with pets to destress. This property is currently selling for $375,000. For more information on the home, contact Patricia Chiu with Balsley-Losco Realtors.


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