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A look at the municipal, school gov’t. Christmas wish lists

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I love this time of year because of all of the wonderful Christmas cards we receive.

It is so fabulous to see how kids have grown or the addition of new pets to a family. And let’s be honest, we play a mental game of who has the best card. As of right now, my cousin Michelle and her husband are winning.

Then there is the Christmas newsletter. A breezy piece that updates you on all the news from a family. New jobs, deaths, romantic intrigue, etc.

Just for a moment let’s imagine I got ahold of the municipal and school government “wish list” for this year.

Now remember, this is satire and just meant for fun. There isn’t an actual wish list involving these public figures to my knowledge.

Here are a few of my favorites (and in no particular order):

Councilman Thomas Gribbin: He could ask Santa Claus for more air time during council meetings and more close-ups for those watching at home and on the Emmy nominating committee.

Well, Tom, that can be arranged. Run for mayor. Then you can have all the air time you want.

Ironically, board solicitor William Donio and town solicitor Michael Malinsky could ask for spirits. If I had to provide legal advice to these entities, I too would want some holiday cheer.

Board member Luke Coia could be generous in one of his requests. He could ask Santa for common sense for his other board members.

Sorry Luke. Even Santa is not that good. Why don’t you ask not to be stripped of your committees next year?

Aspiring filmmaker and police officer David Reustle may be in need of some new equipment.

He should consider making a wish list on Amazon and the Nikon USA websites.

Mayor Stephen DiDonato could ask for more patience and impulse control. I truly hope Santa delivers this one. The town could always use a mayor that shows restraint.

Zuber could ask Santa for more Monday night Eagles games to keep council meetings shorter. Me too, Frank. Me too.

The construction department could ask for a major project or two to make life more interesting.

Hammonton School Board President Sam Mento III could ask for a unanimous election to board president in 2023 and a white Christmas.

The Hammonton Tax Collection Department could ask for a strong economy so people wouldn’t struggle with their tax bills.

Councilman Steven Furgione may wish for a television channel or streaming service dedicated to Magnum, P.I. (if you know, you know).

Judge Frank Raso could ask for less court time so he could spend more time with his family. So sweet.

Board member Kelly Donio could wish for Taylor Design Group and Triad Associates to be appointed by the school board.

I wonder if the school board had anyone attend the November 30 meeting in town hall where Taylor Design Group made a presentation, and Donio’s husband Jim, the “town advocate,” was present with Scott Taylor?

Hammonton Environmental Commission Chair Dan Bachalis could ask for people in town government to care about the environment.

Board member Tom Attanasi could ask for help in getting perfect attendance in 2023.

Denise Mazzeo may ask for a hat rack because she wears so many hats and has more titles than the library.

School board member Barbara Berenato could ask for advice. She may want to ask if it is time for her to return to council? While the school board needs you, the council may need you more but that is my opinion and not Santa’s.

The fire department could ask for a raise in uniform allowance with Hammonton Fire Co. No. 2 asking for $1 more than the guys in Fire Co. No. 1.

Funny, Hammonton Water and Sewer Head Anthony DeCicco could thank Santa Claus for the gift of invisibility and could ask that it continues.

Superintendent Robin Chieco may ask for a gavel. I guess she is tired of mediating between members.

Board member John Lyons could ask that the solar project not have his name on it. I wonder why?

Strangely, DiDonato, Councilman Sam Rodio and Furgione each could ask Santa Claus to take away my writing ability. That hurts guys. Really?

Don’t worry readers, this is a completely fictitious wish list.

Just a note, again, this is satire. It is all from my imagination to make you smile.

Gina Rullo is the editor-in-chief of The Hammonton Gazette. In 2022, she was named an “Editor Extraordinaire” by Editor & Publisher Magazine and in 2021 won two awards for investigative journalism.


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