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A perfect spot on the corner of Locust Street

THG/Sean Friel. To purchase photos in The Gazette, call (609) 704-1940. 301 Locust Street in Hammonton.

The property at 301 Locust Street is a charming home, perfect for a small family. Right on the corner of Locust and Third Street, the future homeowners can easily walk into downtown, and go to the many events featured each year. The property may look small from the outside due to the vast yard space; however, the 1,536 square foot home packs a punch. There are two entrances to the home, one on the side of the home and the other in the front. The home features white siding and white painted bricks, with grey shingles on the rooftop. The home is covered by one large tree, and gets a nice mix of sunshine and shade. The side entrance of the home features a small porch and seating area for enjoying nice weather or just watching the birds. A stone walkway leads up to the porch of the home, and continues around to the driveway of the home. The driveway can easily fit one or two cars, and even has a tiny one car garage. This small space could be used to store tools or a small vehicle. A basketball net hangs down from the garage, adding an exciting feature for children or teens.

There is also a fenced-in area, where a shed for storage can be seen, as well as a hot tub. The area is not big in size, but leaves room for a ton of good times.

Walking into the home through the front entrance, prospective buyers are greeted with an empty room which could be a mud room. The floors have a decorative tile, with tan colored walls and a white ceiling. A light hangs from the ceiling, allowing additional light with the many windows in the room. The next room is completely furnished, with dark hardwood on the floors of the home. A light tan color with white moulding runs across the wall, and a big window can be seen to the left. The room would make a perfect family room, and is a perfect space for a small family.

Walking through an arch way will bring guests to the next room of the home, with the same hardwood floors from the previous. The tan colored walls are gone, however, and were replaced with an intricate tan and white pattern. Two windows on the left side of the room can open to enjoy the nice weather, and dark curtains hang from both sides. A beautiful chandelier hangs from the ceiling, lighting up the small room. The room would make a fantastic dining room in the home.

The kitchen is one of the most stunning features of the home, with all new appliances and a bright white color. The stainless steel appliances match well with the white cabinets and marble in the kitchen, and two lights allow for the room to shine. The same hardwood floors are present as they were in the last two rooms. A door leading to the second entrance of the home can be accessed through the kitchen as well.

The last room on the first floor of the home features multiple windows that give access to plenty of light. The room could be used as a playroom for children, or maybe an office for adults.

Two of the bedrooms in the home are around the same size and feature closet space for storage. These rooms feature the tan walls and white moulding, as well as tan carpeting. The other bedroom is at the top level of the home, with plenty of room for a king sized bed and furniture. This room has the same tan walls and white moulding as the others, and features tan carpeting.

The basement of the home is fully furnished, with an ample amount of room for children and teens to enjoy. A washer and dryer is also featured in the basement.

The home is currently listed at $364,900. Interested buyers can contact Dave Birnbaum with Re/Max Community-Williamstown.


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