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A pharmacy with a personal touch

Sandy and Nikoleta Tzaferos of MediLink RxCare Pharmacy. (Courtesy Photo)

Ever since she was a little girl, Sandy Tzaferos knew that she wanted to help people.

“I love the profession; I love patient care. It’s always been in my blood. I learned from a very young age, because my parents are immigrants to this country, what it means to have good patient care. I had to go with my parents to the doctor’s office and interpret for them, what they were feeling and what the doctor said. I’ve been exposed to the medical field since I was very, very young, and that’s what attracted me to this field,” Tzaferos said.

Tzaferos, the owner of MediLink RxCare Pharmacy at 44 S. White Horse Pike, has lived in Hammonton since she was 6 years old, and has been in business in the town since 1994.

“I used to own MediLink Home Care on the White Horse Pike ... I sold my home care business in 2013, and I opened MediLink RxCare in December of last year,” she said.

Tzaferos runs the pharmacy with her daughter, Nikoleta, who is a lawyer by profession.

“She worked in the corporate world for a few years, and the opportunity came up to open up a pharmacy like this, and she was interested. She very quickly learned the field of pharmacy and what it entails. She’s been an excellent partner for me. As a lawyer, she’s been in charge of all the contracts and the agreements, and getting us accredited,” Tzaferos said.

MediLink RxCare Pharmacy is a complete retail pharmacy, Tzaferos said, which specializes in pouch packaging.

“We have a machine that puts all your medications in little plastic pouches, so that, in the morning, you take your breakfast dose, you have your pills for lunchtime and again for dinnertime. We put everything for you in place, and how you’re supposed to take it per day. We roll up it up and put it in a box, and all you have to do is pull out your next one and take it,” Tzaferos said.

Tzaferos said that the pharmacy will also include over-the-counter medications, supplements and vitamins.

“Just bring all your bottles in and we’ll package it for you. It’s very convenient and easy for patients to take,” she said.

MediLink RxCare will also soon be home to an infusion suite.

“The types of infusions we will be doing are for various diagnoses. For MS (multiple sclerosis), some people take a drug that is given every month. Other patients are taking another drug for rheumatoid arthritis every month. Eventually, people will be able to come here to our suite in the pharmacy to get their infusions instead of going to the hospital or a doctor’s office,” she said.

Tzaferos noted that her pharmacy is one of the only in South Jersey to offer infusions.

“We were actually asked to build out an infusion suite in our pharmacy by an insurance company, because they have a ton of patients they’d like to send to us. Any doctor can refer their patients here; we’re a neutral site. We’re going to have a nurse practitioner overseeing the infusions, and it’s very, very convenient. It’s like being in your own home,” Tzaferos said.

Tzaferos said that MediLink RxCare Pharmacy has been offering the COVID-19 vaccine since December 28, 2020.

“We’re the only pharmacy in Atlantic County that offers it. We are the only location that answers the phone and registers people ... we schedule patients, they come in, they sit in a nice, warm room, get their vaccinations, then they go home,” she said.

Convenience, Tzaferos said, is a top priority when working with her clientele.

“We don’t burden them with calling the insurance company or calling their doctor. We will do all the work for them. If there’s a medication that needs a prior authorization, we do that for you. We will call the doctor’s office, get the approval, process it and then we’ll call you and tell you it’s ready,” Tzaferos said.

Additionally, Tzaferos said that the pharmacy works to help customers save as much money as possible.

“We will take the time to make sure that you get the most cost-effective medication, and research to make sure there’s no other means to pay your out-of-pocket ... We will look up a coupon for them from the manufacturer that will alleviate some of the out-of-pocket expenses. That’s what we specialize in,” she said.

This attentiveness to the needs of customers is what Tzaferos hopes will set MediLink RxCare Pharmacy apart from its competitors.

“We’re not the kind of pharmacy where you walk in, get your medications and the pharmacist is behind the counter and you barely see him. We’re the kind where I will meet you in the front of the pharmacy here, sit with you and go over all the medications and answer all your questions before you leave this pharmacy. That’s the difference ... We’re about patient care first,” Tzaferos said.

For more information, call (609) 956-1900 or (877) 356-0808 or visit


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