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A professional experience at Color Me Pretty

Shannon Ley in her salon suite, Color Me Pretty. (THG/Sean Friel. To purchase photos in The Gazette, call (609) 704-1940.)

Located in Simply Salon Suites, at 900 12th Street, Color Me Pretty Salon offers a range of services for interested customers. The owner of the salon, Shannon Ley, has been in the salon culture for more than 12 years. Getting the chance to run her own salon, Ley is excited to give new and existing clients a one-on-one experience. Ley is experienced in highlights and hair coloring, and aims to make customer’s dreams for their hair become a reality.

Simply Salon Suites opened on May 10, and Ley found it to be appealing, enjoying their creative spaces for hair artists like herself. With the opportunity to have her own salon, Ley made the decision to open Color Me Pretty. The experience allowed Ley to hone in on her skills as a stylist, as well as giving her the freedom she wanted.

“I wanted to be my own boss, and not work for somebody,” Ley told The Gazette.

Now at Simply Salon Suites, Ley can do just that. She credits her past experiences with getting her to the position she is in today, and being able to accomplish this goal.

Ley enjoys not working under someone, but also enjoys other aspects of being her own boss. Being in charge of the entire salon is something Ley enjoys, even if it’s just as simple as booking appointments. She noted that running a successful salon comes down to her own responsibilities like doing inventory, paying for everything, and doing color orders.

Ley’s clients from over the years have followed her in her practice, and the same is true for her location at Simply Salon Suites. A range of reviews are listed on the salon’s website, all praising Ley for her work. One review said that the reviewer has never left Ley’s chair unhappy. This is what Ley intends to provide to customers: a VIP experience that customers will walk away from feeling confident and happy. Ley explained that she makes sure that her clients leave with a smile on their faces. When asked about how her clients felt about her new location, Ley explained that the experience has been great.

“They love it, and they’re proud of me,” Ley said.

The relationships with her clients are important, and having a sense of pride from the community is a great feeling to share.

She explained that there is a possibility of maybe an expansion one day, but is currently focused on her current suite. By focusing on Color Me Pretty, Ley can actively focus on other areas in her life as well.

“Being able to make my son’s activities and be there for my family, making my own schedule,” Ley said.

One of Ley’s favorite parts about running the Color Me Pretty salon is being able to be there for those precious life moments with her family.

To make an appointment at the salon, interested readers can either call Ley, or they can book an appointment online on Glossgenius. The salon does have a cancellation policy that requires a 24 hour notice if a client cannot make an appointment. If this requirement is not met, clients may have to pay 100 percent for the appointment. This is because the time is reserved for the client and their individual services, and time can be very valuable to Ley.

For more information on the salon, head to their website or follow their Facebook and Instagram @colormepretty_suite.


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