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A shopping experience that feels like home

Christina Carnesale and her mother, April Carnesale, inside their newly-opened Bellevue Avenue store. (Courtesy Photo)

Exit 28 Boutique is a new addition to downtown Hammonton, but feels as though it has been around for quite some time. Owner April Carnesale told The Gazette that she had worked at SaDee’s, which was originally located at 210 Bellevue Avenue, the spot where Exit 28 is today. She discussed her experience of owning her own boutique, and how eager customers were to support the local business.

“It’s been amazing. I’ve worked here years ago for SaDee’s, but it’s like coming back home. Everyone is very welcoming, everybody is supporting each other. It’s awesome,” Carnesale said.

Carnesale’s daughter, Christina Carnesale, was also present during the discussion.

Christina is the store’s manager, and helps her mom run the business.

“Not only that but just like a safe space to come and meet new people, it’s more of an experience,” Christina Carnesale said.

She further explained her thought by discussing the process of how the boutique functions. The boutique finds clothes that they think customers would enjoy, and then help the customers with an outfit.

“I like buying the clothes, and then watching it come to life almost. Seeing it on a customer, saying ‘oh my God that’s what I envisioned,’” Christina Carnesale said.

The vision for Exit 28 Boutique, as it says on its Instagram page, is to offer a wide variety of fashion for customers and giftware. The boutique prides itself on the selection, explaining that the fashion and giftware is for any occasion. The duo are experts in fashion, and can help any customer find an incredible outfit.

The boutique has a few goals in mind, particularly trying to sway customers from big corporations.

“I think another goal for me personally is to pull people away from bigger stores, and to support small business,” Christina Carnesale explained to The Gazette.

Finding a unique style, while also supporting local business is what the two want to focus on.

The store seems to have found their calling, and helps many customers daily with fashion interests. While there haven’t been too many challenges getting in the way of the goal, there always has to be a starting point.

“Getting in here, getting everything set up, that was the main challenge. After that though, it’s been pretty good, smooth sailing,” April Carnesale said of the store’s challenges.

The boutique plans to focus on the needs at the current store, and wants to focus on the experience it gives to customers. With supporting small businesses in mind, the owners have no desire to expand at the moment. Instead, customer experience, as well as maintaining the current store, are the top priorities.

“A little store is all I need, I don’t need to go bigger. I just feel that what we have here now is what we’re focusing on,” April Carnesale said.

For more information on Exit 28 Boutique, head to either their Facebook or their Instagram @exit28boutique. There, interested customers can find the style that suits them best, as well as some of the offerings at Exit 28 Boutique.


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