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A successful fall Town Wide Yard Sale

Despite the relentless rain, Hammonton’s Fall Town Wide Yard Sale on Sept. 30 was a resounding success, boasting over 50 yard sales scattered throughout the town. Almost every corner of Hammonton guided eager shoppers to hidden to whatever items they would be hoping to find.

For those in search of budget-friendly Halloween decorations, a nostalgia trip through vintage comic books and records, or perhaps unique handmade crochet items, this event had something special in store for everyone.

Storage Sense, Hammonton’s storage facility, got in on the yard sale action again this year. Typically, the facility tries to give back to the community by sponsoring a local business to support each year.

“We do a yard sale every time we do the town wide yard sale, and we choose to sponsor somebody. We collect $10 from all the tenants and we’re donating it to the Funny Farm rescue,” Storage Sense Manager Katy White said. “So, they were definitely able to come out today and they brought a chicken and a dog. We’re going to be raising money for them. My coworker sells her empanadas, and everybody loves it. We just give the tenants an opportunity to sell some of their stuff to try to downsize their units or move out.”

Hammonton’s Senior Center was a spot for various treasures as well. Though some people came out to buy whatever they could find, others set out with a plan. When two ladies showed up at the Senior Center and spotted an orange spider web doormat, they knew they had to have it.

It was perfect timing for them as Cicillia Brennan was getting ready to ship it to her daughter if no lucky buyers were to take it home. Besides small Halloween decorations, she sold a variety of clothing and fun accessories.

Though the rainy weather caused some worry about getting items wet, Brennan came prepared putting umbrellas over some of the more fragile things.

Some shoppers practically went door-to-door checking out the next nearest yard sale in town.

No two stops were alike. Where one sold more nostalgic items, others sold children’s clothes and toys. Bill Gannon in particular had boxes of comic books on one table, followed by records and other fun throwback trinkets ready for a new home.

“Yeah, I have a variety of comic books in ages back from the 70s. They’re different Marvel comics and other superhero ones as well,” Gannon said.

No sooner that he talked about them that someone inquired about buying all of them. They’d also discussed that Gannon could find good value for them on the Facebook Marketplace if he didn’t sell all of them today.

While most participants used the yard sale as an opportunity to declutter their homes during their fall cleaning sprees, one standout sale featured an assortment of crochet items. Linda Esposito showcased an array of blankets, toilet paper holders, scrunchies, and other delightful handmade creations in her driveway, all for a charitable cause.

“I take care of elderly people. Sometimes they can be difficult to handle, so to decompress I come home and crochet things,” Esposito said. “Things that I sell I buy good quality yarn and make blankets for cancer patients and Project Linus, and we send them to the patients with the help of my daughter because she’s a pastor’s wife.”

Overall, the town-wide yard sale served as a win-win for both sellers looking to part ways with unwanted items and buyers seeking affordable treasures. With the impending arrival of Halloween and the holiday season, this event provided the perfect opportunity for residents to spruce up their homes while saving money.

Hammonton’s Fall Town Wide Yard Sale, despite the weather, showcased the enduring spirit of community and the joy of discovering hidden treasures close to home.


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