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A thank you to Hammonton’s volunteers

Mica McCullough

When I moved to New Jersey in 2014 with my husband, our search for a home centered in Hammonton, mostly because it was centrally located and a convenient distance from almost anywhere in South Jersey where we might get jobs.

We bought our house in Hammonton in 2015, and as we’ve lived, worked, volunteered, and deepened our connections with this community, it has become so much more than a conveniently located home base. We’ve put down roots and discovered that Hammonton actually is a great place to live, work, play and get involved.

During our years here, I’ve formed the opinion that Hammonton’s MainStreet program and the Hammonton Revitalization Corporation that run it are two big contributors to the great vibe this little town has cultivated. So, imagine my surprise when I was selected to be the new executive director of MainStreet Hammonton, the same program that has worked for 30 years to revitalize, invigorate, preserve and improve Hammonton’s Downtown District and instill the culture and atmosphere that made us want to create our home here.

I’m happy that we chose this town to start our lives in New Jersey, and so grateful to have inherited such a robust and active MainStreet program, where I’m beginning to build relationships with the volunteers who make it such a success.

One thing I noticed early in my time in Hammonton is the level of civic engagement in the community; there are so many civic organizations, all doing great work to benefit a collective whole; the amount of work put in behind the scenes in Hammonton to make things appear effortless is astounding. A successful program is only as good as its team, and everything that MainStreet accomplishes is done in large part by volunteers. Our volunteer corps is creative, enterprising, intelligent, and above all dedicated. Dedicated to the success of the program and organization, dedicated to the revitalization and preservation efforts of this beautiful historic Downtown, dedicated to making every visitor to Hammonton feel like this town is a hidden gem of South Jersey, a treasure that they want to revisit time and time again–and maybe even call their home!

As my tenure with MainStreet continues, I know that amazing volunteers will continue to play a significant role in MainStreet’s success story. These volunteers come from all walks of life and bring an array of skills to the organization. Whether assisting with fundraising or serving on one of HRC’s many committees, planning and executing events, or being involved in downtown business design and façade renovation projects–there is always something happening with MainStreet Hammonton and there is always room within our growing corps of volunteers.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and every person who has volunteered in Hammonton—in any capacity—and invite you to reach out if you’d like to be involved with MainStreet’s efforts as the organization begins its fourth decade revitalizing & preserving the beautiful historic town we all love.

Mica McCullough is the executive director of MainStreet Hammonton.


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