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Antiques & economics

Mike Schmidt trash can from the 1980s found at JH Antique Mall. (THG/Gabe Donio. To purchase photos in The Gazette, call (609) 704-1940.)

There are several places to shop for antiques and vintage gifts in Hammonton, including the Antique Marketplace of Downtown Hammonton, JH Antique Mall, Vintage Betty’s and Graycewyngs.

Stores like these cater to the nostalgic, the people who are interested in purchasing a piece of the past. The dollars they spend in Hammonton have an impact in the economic present.

Each time a local resident or tourist walks into one of our local antique and gift stores and purchases an item, they are contributing to the local economy. While they are here, they probably stop into other stores, restaurants and attend our events. It all helps keep the local economy moving.

Antique stores are a part of the overall economic health of the town. We can think of the antique stores as squares in a large and beautiful quilt that makes up our local economy. Their squares are joined by ones representing local restaurants and other squares representing local offices, wineries, craft breweries and our craft distillery, entertainment, the agricultural industry and many more squares in an increasingly diverse local business community.

All these businesses reinvest in our town, broaden our tax ratable base and provide jobs. Whether it’s an antique store, a coffee shop or a beverage distributor, each business does its part and provides reasons for people to come to Hammonton.

It all makes our town’s economy stronger, and Hammonton a better place to live.

Plus, if you’re looking for a vintage Zenith radio or 1980s-era Mike Schmidt metal trash can, you can find it without going far.


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