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Artistic and creative home planning

Jodi Kollias and Stacey Roselli sit in front of one of their projects. (THG/Sean Friel. To purchase photos in The Gazette, call (609) 704-1940.)

Custom artwork and pieces made specifically for an individual are something that make the owners of Pillow in the Pines proud. That’s why when it comes to interior design, the satisfaction of the customer and the love for the space is everything to owners Jodi Kollias and Stacey Roselli. The two pride themselves on creating a dream design for their clients, and helping them achieve their idea for a room in the house, or maybe even just a custom piece of art.

The business started off small and during COVID-19, with Roselli making masks and requests from friends.

“I was laid off, not doing anything, and people kept asking, ‘Do you make masks? Can you make us masks?’ and I said sure, I started making masks for people … I have a design background, and I started just doing things,” Roselli said.

The two have a background in fashion and design, both with their respected degrees, and years in the industry.

“We lived together in North Jersey. Her degree is a fashion design; my degree is design and merchandising, so we were both in the fashion industry together. I wasn’t working at the time, and Stacey asked if I could join, because she was so busy, then we started in interior design, and it’s kind of exploded since we first started,” Kollias said.

Jodi Kollias and Stacey Roselli work on a project. (THG/Sean Friel. To purchase photos in The Gazette, call (609) 704-1940.)

The two partners have a natural balance with their work, as Roselli does more of the design aspect of the business, while Kollias does the merchandising part of the business. Kollias calls Roselli the “imagineer” as she is more of the innovator, Kollias said.

“It’s a really good combination, we’ve been friends for a long time, over 25 years,” Kollias said.

Pillow in the Pines is an interior design business, and takes on small projects and big projects.

“If you’re looking to do just a minor face lift to your house, we provide software that shows you (kind of like an HGTV thing) where it shows you what your house would look like before and after. So we can do that for either the interior or exterior, and then you can continue with us where we can source and work with a contractor for you,” Kollias said.

The two owners understand the big task of working with a contractor, and take the responsibility head on, so homeowners don’t have to. This makes the process less stressful for homeowners, Kollias said.

“We can do this and can manage the renovation part of it, manage the construction part of it, but if there’s a piece … and one of a kind, Stacey can design it and make it,” Kollias said.

Roselli makes custom pieces of artwork for homeowners, and works to their request. The pieces made are all hand made, and fit perfectly in any room. The pieces Roselli makes aim to please the client, and are intended to be a custom piece just for the client.

“When the client is so excited, they just can’t believe it and are so happy, that’s probably the best part, making people feel good,” said Roselli.

Making clients happy and proud of their homes is something that the two owners enjoy. For more information on Pillow in the Pines, call (267) 226-3268, visit their website and check out their Facebook and Instagram, (@pillowinthepines), where images of past projects are posted, as well as updates on the business.


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