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Backpack safety tips to start school

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Happy September readers! September marks the start of the school year and this month we are going to focus on backpack safety tips for parents and students. Although there are many fun and exciting backpacks that can be purchased, we want you to ensure that your child’s backpack is the appropriate size for them and they are able to pack it without causing themselves any pain while they are wearing it. Please see below for some tips.

Backpack safety tips:

• Two straps are better than one because it helps to evenly distributes the weight

• Never let the backpack rest more than four inches below waistline

• Keep heavier items closest to the child’s back

• Arrange items to keep them from sliding

• Don’t bend over while wearing backpack

• If items are too heavy for backpack, carry the heaviest item in their hands.

Should your child start to complain of back or neck pain as the school year goes on, here at NovaCare Rehabilitation our physical therapist can work with them to improve their posture and decrease their pain by providing flexibility and strengthening exercises.

Call your local NovaCare Rehabilitation center today or visit to learn more. You can contact NovaCare Rehabilitation located at the Blueberry Crossing Plaza at (609) 561-5308 or visit .


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