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Cafiso joins Gazette team

HAMMONTON—Carina Cafiso has joined the team of The Hammonton Gazette. Cafiso, whose great-grandparents, Ida J (Mortellite) and Joseph Cafiso, chose Hammonton as their lifelong home. Their family history included business endeavors including Joe’s Taxi that operated in the ‘70s.

The family ties to Hammonton include grandfather, John Cafiso, who spent half of his life in Hammonton before venturing into Vineland to start a business and family. Carina’s mother’s great great grandfather Jim Cimino was a principle shareholder into the Minotola National Bank in 1917 and eventually opened up a branch at 14 Tilton Street in Hammonton, coincidentally where The Gazette now operates. Although Cafiso was raised in Vineland, she says the pull of Hammonton remains constant and comforting through generations.

Returning to the region to continue her career in a community with deep family roots gives Cafiso the opportunity to not only serve businesses but to do so in a town that means so much to her and her family.

“It’s a full circle moment for me. I’ve always cherished my memories of shopping in Hammonton, frequenting the family-owned businesses and reminiscing about memorable milestones the family shares here. I’m grateful to be here and proud to contribute to a town rich in culture and history and one that means so much to my family.” said Cafiso.

Cafiso, a first-generation student, discovered her passion for the arts spending years performing at the Landis Theater and supporting local artists. This was integral in shaping her perspective and infusing creativity into her approach to marketing. Now equipped with a marketing and management education from Montclair State University, she is looking forward to assisting local businesses in the community.

Cafiso is embarking on a new chapter, returning to South Jersey with open arms and a passion for community. Eager to foster bonds with the local businesses and residents, she embraces the vibrancy of Hammonton, especially looking forward to contributing to the town’s lively festivals and events. This underscores her belief that business transcends beyond transactions; it’s about creating shared experiences and lasting relationships.

For her, family is paramount, seamlessly merging this philosophy with her professional endeavors. As her journey unfolds at The Gazette, where she steps into the role of Marketing Specialist, she is ready to infuse her skills and enthusiasm into the town’s heartbeat.

“Personal or professional life is all about the underlining passion and commitment to what you do. Carina’s infectious personality is tangible and her desire to serve this community in her new role as our marketing specialist is exciting to see. We have a great team here at The Gazette. The addition of Carina has made us even better,” Gazette Publisher Craig Richards said.


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