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Character brings out the best of a home

232 Grape Street, featuring a blue coat of paint and red shutters. (Courtesy Photo)

Few homes feature the character that many Hammonton homes offer. 232 Grape Street is no different, with a firm structure and beautiful craftsmanship.

The home was built in 1936, and has a strong foundation. The owner of the home had claimed that a massive tree had fallen onto the roof of the house, and the home was still standing. This also allowed for a new roof on the property, insuring homeowners that the home will last a lifetime.

The blue finish on the home makes it a unique addition to Grape Street. Red shutters and a white trim bring out the vividness of the colors, with a sleek look. The home’s architectural design also adds to the charm of the property, with a design that is not seen on a modern home. On the smaller side, the property is 1,722 square feet, but is perfect for a small family.

The land of the property is small, but a small shed is included. The shed sports the same colors as the home and can be used for storage.

The first floor of the home was engineered to be efficient. The current owner of the home said that the first floor could function independently from the second, in case someone had some trouble getting up the steps. With this in mind, the master bedroom of the home, at least to the current owner, was on the first floor.

The owner did an impressive job converting the back room of the house into a master bedroom. The room housed a king size bed, closet space, a wall mounted TV and still had ample room to spare. A few windows were in the room, allowing for sunlight to brighten up the bedroom.

Walking out of the master bedroom, interested buyers would enter the kitchen. This kitchen, while smaller than most, shows a sense of character. The wood finish of the cabinets and the tiles lining the floor add a delightful touch to the home, and the kitchen also features modern appliances. A window overlooks the backyard, where parents could watch their children while in the yard.

Moving out of the kitchen, the dining room opens up the floor plan. The owner took off the kitchen swing doors that led into the dining area from the family room, but it allowed for both rooms to breathe. The dining room and family room still feel like separate rooms, but allows for easy access into each. A large table could fit in the area, and with room to spare so people could walk.

The family room is large, and can be seen next to the entrance of the home. Many windows are visible in this room, allowing for sunlight to easily enter the family room.

Under the stairs, a closet can be repurposed for a possible washer and dryer. This would make a possible transition to living strictly on the first floor easier for future homeowners if they desired that outcome.

Heading up to the second floor of the home, the true master bedroom was revealed. The room was massive, with a beautiful hardwood finish on the floors. A small closet was available in the space to hang some clothes. The bedroom would be able to fit any sized bed a future homeowner could want, and still have room for other furniture.

Another bedroom was on the second floor of the house, but just a little smaller. The room offered a window and hardwood floors, just as the master bedroom had. The room offered space for a small bed, and maybe a couple other pieces of furniture, but not much. The room would be perfect for a child in a family.

The bathrooms of the home were clean and sleek. However, in the upstairs bathroom, an access panel to the plumbing of the room could be found. An interesting piece of design, intricate molding could be seen on the panel. In modern homes, something like this would never have been dreamed or desired, but this panel adds to the character and feel of the home. Its unique design adds to the layers of the house.

This home is listed for $314,900. For more information on 232 Grape Street, contact realtor Frank Maione at (609) 287-5921.


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