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County boards

The Atlantic County seal. (Courtesy Photo)

There is a front-page article by Gazette Staff Writer Joseph F. Berenato regarding local people being appointed to county boards. It’s an important article that provides insight into the people being appointed to those boards and why they are being appointed.

We believe it is critical to the present and future progress of the town for local people to want to serve on boards in the county. It allows them to share their talents and abilities in a countywide manner. In addition, it brings distinction to the town, showing a strong connection between Hammonton and the rest of Atlantic County.

Throughout the decades, Hammonton has shown repeatedly that it is a significant contributor to the entire county. The county has also seen the benefit of naming Hammontonians to various county boards, tapping into the local talent in the process.

It’s important to keep the dialogue between the town and the county operating at a high level. It doesn’t mean that there will always be 100 percent agreement between our municipality and the county, and nor should there be. It does mean that there continues to be a meaningful exchange of ideas between residents of Hammonton and the county at large.

Atlantic County and Hammonton will always be linked by geography and government. The bond between the two is only made stronger when our residents volunteer to aid the county on its various boards.


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