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Creating a unique shopping atmosphere

Ana Yanoschak, featured outside of the Perhaps clothing store in Hammonton. (Courtesy Photo)

Downtown’s Perhaps clothing store in Hammonton sees customers come into the store daily. With many eye-catching and stylish clothing, Ana Yanoschak has incorporated a unique experience for teens and adults alike. The store moved to a larger location at 204 Bellevue Ave.

The store’s name comes from a bible verse, according to the Perhaps website. The verse, Esther 4:14, states: “Perhaps you were created for such a time as this.”

Building off of that verse, the store hand picks clothing that correlates to a coastal vibe. The handpicked clothing goes through an intricate process, making sure the clothing is elegant and classy.

The store expanded and recently added more pieces to the line, which is aimed towards a younger audience.

“Recently we expanded to the infant all the way up to the preteen sizes. We start at 0-3 months newborn, all the way up to size 16 preteens. Preteens run from size 7 to 16. We carry toddler as well, which we’ve had a ton of great feedback with. I would say preteen is the most excited because they can come in with their parents and they can try it on with their moms… it’s like a social experience. It’s like it’s their store now, it’s really really sweet,” Yanoschak said.

Yanoschak explained to The Gazette that she wanted to explore all different sizes for the Bellevue Avenue store, making sure everyone was included.

“We still carry women’s, select styles are extra small. We have small, medium and large, and recently extra-large. We’re trying to fill any gaps we could fill,” Yanoschak said of the sizes.

The Hammonton store located on 204 Bellevue Avenue was not Yanoschak’s first store however. The founder of Perhaps [and Yanoschak’s mother], Lisa Yanoschak, runs the Smithville store located in Galloway. Yanoschak reflected on the other store, saying how it has given the Hammonton store more opportunities.

“We’ve been established since 2019. We started our first store in Smithville, Galloway. We started with maybe eight pieces of clothing, so we’ve come a long way. It’s really incredible to see a picture of that store, and to see everything now… it’s cool to see what opportunities it has given us here,” Yanoschak explained.

With prior knowledge thanks to the Galloway store, Yanoschak has had no trouble getting the Hammonton store up and running. The atmosphere of the store was something discussed regularly by Yanoschak, as a coastal atmosphere propelled business at the Galloway store.

“We did come across some challenges. Our Galloway store is closer to the coast, we had more of a coastal vibe. We still try to keep [that vibe] in the store, but we mixed it with that ‘downtown’ style. It works really well,” she said.

Many customers have shown their support of the Hammonton location, with Yanoschak explaining the customer-owner relationship between her and the town.

“To be here every day, if I’m not here six, seven days a week. I get to meet the most incredible locals that have shown so much joy, and they really express it when they come in. They tell me their experiences, and how great we’re doing,” Yanoschak said of her experience.

With two stores already in full swing, Yanoschak looked to the future. She discussed possibilities of an expansion in the Hammonton store, and some future goals for the business.

“Definitely in Hammonton we have a lot of goals we’re looking forward to introducing to the public. Probably in about a year or so. Just some fun things for families to do together. This building is about 2,200 square feet, you don’t even see the full. There’s another half of this building in the back that’s just as big as the front, so as a growing business we want to keep growing. A lot of ideas pop up in my head,” Yanoschak said.

For more information on the Perhaps store in Hammonton, readers can visit the website at or follow on Facebook and Instagram @perhapsboutique.


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