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Creating an experience with hair and more

Marissa Delfino of Blonde + Beyond at Simply Salon Suites. THG/ Sean Friel. To purchase photos in The Gazette Call (609) 704-1940

Finding the right hair salon and experience can be a daunting task for many, as there are many services that can provide different needs. However, at Blonde + Beyond, not only will customers get a personable experience, but they will be offered a service that fits best for the individual. Located in the Simply Salon Suites on 12th Street in Raspberry Run Plaza, Blonde + Beyond is a full service salon, featuring different products and services. The salon is owned and operated by Marissa Delfino, who specializes in coloring hair, as well as lash and hair extensions. Delfino has experience in salon culture, and wanted to eventually branch out to her own location. Now with Simply Salon Suites, Delfino took the opportunity to branch out and experience owning her new salon. Blonde + Beyond’s opening day at Simply Salon Suites was fairly recent, with Delfino’s salon being open for around a month now.

“I opened on July 5, and I opened because I always knew I wanted to be my own boss. I wanted a safe and happy place for all of my clients,” Delfino said.

She explained that all of her clients followed Delfino when she moved into Simply Salon Suites, and were proud of all that Delfino had accomplished.

“They love it. They’re so happy for me, and they love the space. They said that it’s so great,” Delfino said.

At Blonde + Beyond, Delfino wanted to create a space where all of her clients would feel at home. On the salon’s website, many clients have raved about Delfino’s set up, as well as her work. One review on Facebook explained that the experience was fun and comfortable, and that Delfino took the time to discuss all the options with the customers. The reviewer said they could not recommend Delfino’s salon enough.

For the time being, this is what Delfino wants to focus on. Creating an atmosphere of positivity for her clients is something Delfino enjoys, and aims to maintain this experience with all of her clients. The ultimate goal is to make the salon she has opened better, and to service the clients and community that has supported her. However, this doesn’t stop Delfino from thinking about possibilities of the future one day.

“Maybe expand one day, that would be like the biggest thing… but for now I just love where I’m at because I’m so young,” Delfino said.

Potential for an expansion could be in the future, but for the time being Delfino is happy with her path so far, and the opportunity she has made for herself.

“I love being my own boss, and having a personal space for me and my clients,” Delfino said.

Blonde + Beyond offers lash and hair extensions, waxing, make up and hair styling services, all with different options and treatments. Offering a wide range of services gives customers and clients the option for a unique experience in the salon, as well as with Delfino herself. To make an appointment with the salon, Delfino suggests going online.

“They can even message me on Instagram, or even text my salon number,” Delfino said.

For more information on the salon and it’s services, interested readers can head to her Facebook page, Instagram @marissadelfinobeauty, or her website


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