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Dawn Weiss shows her passion for the Hawks

Courtesy Photo Dawn Weiss (right) with her son, Freddy, after a Hammonton Hawks game.

The Hammonton Hawks Organization, known for teaching fundamentals of the game of football and coaching players from Grades 1-8, are a part of what brings this town together every weekend during the fall season. Their secret behind the big crowds filling the stadium, besides the families of the players eager to see the teams running up the field to score a touchdown or cheerleaders getting the crowd excited on the sidelines, is what comes from the stand located at the entrance to the field run by Dawn Weiss.

Weiss has been running the snack stand for the Hawks for more than eight years and she has no intention of finding a replacement any time soon. Weiss is the key to game day success for the Hawks providing food and drinks to the masses. The secret to her success comes from years of experience and dedication to the organization.

“I like to help raise money for the kids; I like to cook and enjoy spending time with the players and their families,” Weiss said.

Weiss’s husband, Fred Weiss, is the Hawks pee-wee football team’s coach and has been coaching as many years as Weiss has been in the stand. Weiss’s son, Freddy, has played for the Hawks and also helps with coaching.

“I’m glad my mom’s here in the stand and helping out. I love the empanadas,” Freddy Weiss said. “There have been many changes over the years in the stand, stemming from basic snack food such as chicken, fries and hot dogs when the location was at Hammonton Lake Park to now the stand at William T. Capella Memorial Field, where you can now expect a variety of delicious foods such as West End’s [Grill and Bar] mac and cheese, cheesesteak sandwiches, sausage and pepper sandwiches, homemade empanadas, funnel fries, mozzarella sticks and many other delicious nontraditional snack stand foods that the fans rave over,” Freddy Weiss said.

Last year there was a letter to the editor of The Gazette written by Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson regarding the snack stand at William T. Capella Field.

“None compare in quality or variety to the snack bar at Hammonton’s Capella Field. My family recently enjoyed sausage, peppers and onions; cheesesteaks, burgers and mac and cheese. All of which were as good or better than some restaurants. My compliments to the talented chefs who are most likely dedicated volunteers,” according to Levinson’s letter.

Weiss opened the stand in June for flag football season and continues to serve our community throughout the fall football season. The stand is open most nights during practice to allow parents a place to purchase snacks for themselves and for siblings. Parents of players are asked to volunteer their time in the stand to help with lines during the home games. Parents of taxi players donate time during pee wee games, pee wee parents donate time during taxi games, junior varsity parents help during varsity games and varsity parents during JV games.

The snack stand continues to be the heartbeat for game day and during the football season as a whole and people can only credit the success of the stand to the person who delivers week-in and week-out with her time and dedication to the team, players, parents and fans.

While most Hawks football fans are anxiously awaiting another great season filled with exciting games and entertaining cheerleaders, there will be many who line up and wait to fill their bellies with delicious snack stand food graciously cooked and served with love from Weiss.

When fans visit the stand, make sure to say hello and give thanks to Weiss, who does not plan on stepping down from her position any time in the near future. More information on the fall schedule for the Hammonton Hawks and dates for the home games can be found at


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