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Deputy Journalists from Sooy

The Hammonton Gazette’s Publisher Gabe Donio and Editor-in-Chief Gina Rullo were invited once again to work with fourth grade enrichment students at the Warren E. Sooy Jr. Elementary School.

The students are taught by Renee Clark, Joe Martino, Mea Lupinetti and Kristin Cavalucci. Donio and Rullo edited the students’ work.

More articles will be printed in next week’s edition.


Different kinds of art

by Isabella Mendez-Hernandez

Gazette Contributing Writer

Do you like art? Well if you do then you know that there are so many different kinds of it.

There is pop art, abstract, pottery, contemporary and modern art just to name a few.

Every different piece of art can have a different mood. One piece of art can have a dark mood. Another one can have a happy mood. You can express yourself and show your feelings. If you are feeling happy then maybe you would paint or draw a rainbow. If you are feeling sad you may draw rain or a sad gloomy day. If you are feeling angry you might draw a thunderstorm. You can express yourself while creating it.

Art doesn’t have to be expensive. You can make art with just a pencil and paper. You can make art out of household objects and basically anything! You can use paper plates, pasta and empty plastic water bottles as art materials. You can also use toilet paper rolls, wrapping paper from packages, wine corks, beads, egg cartons, old buttons and more! You can experiment with it as you go.

When asking Warren E. Sooy Jr. Elementary art teacher, Mrs. Reider, why she decided to teach art she said, “As a young girl, I was always inspired by my “Nana” who was a painter. I was amazed by her beautiful landscape paintings and dreamed about becoming a painter just like her. I loved creating art throughout my childhood. My mother was also an inspiration and sent me to the University of the Arts in Philadelphia for Saturday morning art classes. I felt so privileged to be able to ride the train and walk to art classes in the city all by myself as I was only 16 years old! This instilled the love of art in me, so I decided to continue my art education into college and become an art educator,” Reider said.

Another thing some people like about art is that multiple people can work on it. Each person can have a different job. One person can make a sketch of what they want the drawing or painting to look like. Another person can pick out the art supplies they are going to use or maybe the colors. If you have another person, they can do the coloring or painting. If you want, everyone can join in on the coloring part. If you want to do art by yourself to be more concentrated that works too. Every person has a different way they want to work on their art.


Best place for baseball

by Chris Ezzi

Gazette Contributing Writer

Have you ever been to Hammonton Lake Park? Have you ever played a baseball game there? Well it’s the best place for you to go on walks, fishing and last but not least play baseball.

If you want to try baseball, every spring you can sign up. If you are ages three, four or five you can play tee ball. Tee ball is baseball with boys and girls, but you hit the ball off of a tee. There are coaches out in the field to help kids. If you are ages six, seven or eight you can play coach pitch. Coach pitch is where the coaches pitch to each batter. There are three outs and three strikes. If you are eight or nine you can play kid pitch. Kid pitch is when one of the opposite team’s players is pitching to you and there are umpires to call strikes and balls. Next, if you are ten, eleven, or twelve you can play in the majors. The majors are just like kid pitch, but a lot of the kids throw the ball really hard. Finally, if you are ages 13 and higher, you can play in the ponies league. The ponies league is very hard. For example, some pitchers can reach speeds like 80 mph-100 mph. That is extremely hard to hit!

The Hammonton Lake Park has many fun things to do. For example, you can watch baseball, or softball, you can practice in the batting cages, most of all you can come to opening day. Opening day happens every year. On opening day there’s many baseball games to watch, you can put tickets in the raffle baskets, and run around. Two Hammonton Little League players were interviewed on their thoughts of Opening Day. According to Luciano Bagliani some of the best things to do on Opening Day are to walk in the parade and the first pitch. He also said he likes the Pledge of the Allegiance and when the players get a free pretzel and a free water bottle. According to Dominic DiGerolamo some of the best things to do on Opening Day are to play in a baseball game and to walk and play with your friends. Also, he said he likes the fresh hot food from the snack stand.

As you can see, going down to the lake to play baseball or to hang out, it’s an adventure.


Hammonton Little League

by Brynlee Arnold

Gazette Contributing Writer

There are many life lessons and themes that are taught to the students at Warren E. Sooy Jr. Elementary. Most of these same students are players on the town’s 10-11 Girls’ Softball team. Therefore, it is to no one’s surprise that these themes and life lessons have carried over to the team and their success throughout the entire season!

PERSEVERANCE and DEDICATION: Becoming the best version of yourself.

The Hammonton's softball team is taught to be dedicated to being the best version of themselves in school. Before the season starts, the team is anxious to play games, but not drills that take place indoors. E.A.T drills and instruction require dedication to be present, including hitting off the pitching machine at different speeds. Strength and conditioning gets to be long and frustrating, but the players know that all of this dedication pays off and helps each to be even better. One time, the Hammonton softball team had a play where the batter hit the ball right to the pitcher’s glove and the ball bounced off of her glove and hit the pitcher’s hand, yet she still made the play. This shows the importance of perseverance to be awesome even when your injured.

According to someone who has played softball for over 2 years says, “Softball is the most fun sport even if your injured or hurt it’s better to pick yourself up and get back up there.”

The most important details in this text are the perseverance of the team, the importance of having two or more backup pitchers on the team, and the life lessons that can be learned from playing a sport. The team is exciting to play on and learning life lessons from playing a sport is amazing, as they all learn how to handle life’s adversities. They get challenged with different teams either good or bad, but that doesn’t mean that they put themselves down if they are good and usually win against other teams. They tell themselves that no matter what, they are going to be awesome in the game and win. They work hard until they get first, not until they get into the top ten or top five.

According to a softball player who started softball this year says, “Softball is the best sport and is my favorite sport!!”

The most important details in this text are that it is important to have two or more pitchers on a team, as they are the main character in the field and can be hit by line drives. Additionally, it is important to have two or more backup pitchers on the team, as they can step in for the game if one of them is injured. Additionally, it is important to have two or more backup pitchers on the team, as they can be hit in the hand that they pitch with and not be able to pitch for the rest of the game. Finally, it is important to work hard until you get first, not until you get into the top ten or top five.

The most important details in this text are the importance of courage, teamwork, and life lessons from playing a sport. Courage is overcoming fear with 1st basemen, and teamwork is creating the bond, laughs and chemistry of a team. Keep a good look for #11 because she is as fast as blazing speed, gets on base almost every time she hits and evokes every single one of these strengths mentioned throughout this article.


Showcase Sports

by Aryanna Sparta

Gazette Contributing Writer

Do you play sports? Are you always running out of town to get sports equipment? Well you don’t have to anymore! Take the short trip to Showcase Sports. It is the best sporting goods store in Hammonton. Showcase Sports is located uptown so it is convenient to get to it. The store is located at 130 S. White Horse Pike, Hammonton.

You can get all of your uniforms from Showcase. With every bat you buy, you get a free Showcase Sports shirt in your choice of color. When asked what is your favorite thing about Showcase Sports, Mason Iannuzzio says, ¨My favorite thing about Showcase is baseball gear and clothes.¨ When asked what is your rating out of 10 for Showcase Sports Rachael Sparta says ¨I would rate it a nine out of ten because all of there things are very good and it is one point off because prices sometimes get a little expensive.

At Showcase Sports the owner´s daughter Nicole Silipino Poretta is very kind and always helps someone find what they need. If you need help finding something in the store an employee will help you. A good reason to shop at Showcase Sports is they support St. Joe schools and Hammonton schools. They also support many sports organizations. It is also better to shop local than to shop far away because you are supporting your community. At Showcase Sports you can rent out batting cages. You can go to their website and contact them about rental. They have a bunch of name brands but some are better. They have gear for the following sports: baseball, softball, soccer, football, field hockey. Showcase Sports used to be a small shop in town, now they have a whole store. They have come very far. They have reasonable prices and not very expensive prices. They have a two week return policy.

Overall, many people’s opinions are positive about Showcase Sports. Showcase Sports is the best sporting store in the town. Stop on by and tell them Aryanna sent you.


Eagles organization

by Andrew Yarnes

Gazette Contributing Writer

Howie Roseman

This is how the Eagles organization has been a key factor to their playoff runs and super teams. Howie Roseman has been the best GM for the Eagles according to student in Ms Lupinetti’s class Jeramy Ryan, an Eagles super fan. Roseman is one of the best GM’s in the draft of all time, maybe the greatest. According to Jayden Alonso, he made a history books trade in 2022 where in the draft the Eagles traded back. We traded the 18th pick and the 101st pick to get A.J. Brown to the Titans. He put on a showcase in the 2022 season in his first year with the Eagles. If we back it up we can see in the 2017 season he won executive of the year. He has led the Eagles to 14 playoff wins. Also, he has nine division crowns since he has been the Eagles starting GM and has six conference championship wins since 2001 in the playoffs. Including when the Eagles went to the Super Bowl this year, where the Eagles lost by a field goal against Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs. We lost because of a very controversial flag at the final moments of the game.

Nick Sirianni

Nick Sirianni is entering his third season. He has led the Eagles to a 23-11 record over two seasons. Sirianni has the most wins by a head coach in their first two seasons. He also led the Eagles to back to back playoff berths. He became the second head coach ever to improve by five or more wins in one season. In two consecutive seasons. Under Sirianni’s guidance in 2022 the Eagles scored 477 points and 59 total touchdowns. And 57 from scrimmage touchdowns and 32 rushing touchdowns. Tied for fourth in the in NFL History. In Jalen Hurts 2nd full year was runner up for MVP. Nick Sirianni became the fourth NFL head coach in their first two seasons to have a season with 14 or more wins in a season. He joins the list of Jim Cadwell 2009 Colts, Mike Martz 2001 Rams and George Seifertrtc 1989-90 49ers. In 2022 the Eagles had a combined total of 70 sacks tied for third in NFL history. The Eagles organization is one of the best in the history of the NFL.


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