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Does roller skating benefit overall health?

Courtesy photo Novices might be surprised to learn just how much lacing up their skates can do for their overall health.

A little recreation never hurt anyone. In fact, the activities people choose to engage in during their free time can promote and safeguard their long-term health.

Roller skating is a recreational activity often associated with children, but it can be enjoyed by people of all ages. And though roller skating devotees may already know how beneficial it is for their bodies, novices might be surprised to learn just how much lacing up their skates can do for their overall health.

Roller skating and balance. Roller skating requires pushing off and forces individuals to rely on their gluteus maximus. The online medical resource Healthline notes that the function of the gluteus maximus is to extend and laterally rotate the hip. When glute muscles collaborate as a person roller skates, that improves body stability, helping people to maintain better balance, even when they’re not skating.

Roller skating and your core. The Mayo Clinic notes that core exercises train the muscles in this area of your body to work in harmony, ultimately leading to improved stability. When roller skating, individuals rely on their core muscles, making this a core-friendly exercise. If improved stability isn’t enough to get people to lace up their skates, it’s worth nothing that the Harvard Medical School indicates that a strong, flexible core can benefit the body in numerous ways. For example, low back pain sufferers may be interested to know that exercises that promote well-balanced, resilient core muscles can help to prevent low back pain.

Roller skating and weight loss. Anyone who has ever been roller skating likely knows that it’s easy to break a sweat once those skates are laced up. In fact, Healthline notes that a 160-pound individual who skates at a consistent intensity for 30 minutes can expect to burn around 267 calories. Burning calories can help people lose weight, making roller skating a worthy activity for individuals who want to add some fun physical activity to their weight loss routines.

It may have been a while since adults last laced up a pair of skates. But roller skating can be a great activity for anyone looking to get healthy and have a little fun along the way.


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