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DWI on a tractor

Allegedly drove tractor drunk at 1 a.m.

Brigantine man allegedly drove tractor drunk at 1 a.m. (Courtesy Photo)

HAMMONTON—Peter Bennett, 47, a Brigantine man who allegedly drove a tractor while drunk from Ninth Street to the 12th Street Wawa, was arrested near the corner of Line and Lincoln Streets at 1 a.m. on August 2 and charged with driving while under the influence (DWI), Hammonton Police Chief Kevin Friel said.

Officer Kyle Ambrozaitis was on patrol and while at 12th and Washington Streets observed an orange Kubota tractor exit the parking lot of Wawa, Friel said.

Ambrozaitis stopped the vehicle at the intersection of Line and Lincoln Streets, Friel said.

The vehicle was being operated by Peter Bennett, Friel said.

“Bennett was asked where he was headed, and Bennett said ‘Ninth Street.’ The officer was able to detect the odor of an alcoholic beverage on his breath and person,” Friel said.

He was arrested and charged with the following motor vehicle summonses: driving while under the influence (DWI), reckless driving, careless driving, unregistered vehicle, uninsured vehicle, maintenance of lamps and lamps required, driving while the driver’s license is suspended and visibility of lights, Friel said.

Bennett was released as per John’s Law pending an appearance in Hammonton Joint Municipal Court, Friel said.


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