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Enjoy a slice of perfection at Mario’s Pizza

THG/Sean Friel. To purchase photos in The Gazette, call (609) 704-1940. Todd Agren and Jordan Mutschler at Mario’s Pizza.

Located in the Blueberry Crossing shopping center off of the White Horse Pike, Mario’s Pizza offers a wide range of specialty pizzas, as well as some classic homemade treats. Todd Agren, the owner of Mario’s Pizza, has worked hard to maintain the reputation of the pizzeria in town and is in the shop multiple times a week. Understanding the dedication it takes to run a pizzeria, Agren spends his time watching the ovens in the shop and making sure everything runs smoothly.

Agren is a longtime resident of Hammonton, and understands his target audience. Only using the best ingredients and local produce, Agren aims to please the customers who walk in the pizzeria doors, looking for the best pizza around. With multiple Hammy awards hanging on the walls in the restaurant, Agren is happy with his work.

“I’ve been in the pizzeria business since I was 17. I started out delivering, learning all this stuff, and I always wanted to own my own place. So I worked here for 3 years for the guy who owned it before me, and he was telling me how he was thinking of selling it, so I went for it,” Agren said.

Agren took over the pizzeria 14 years ago, on May 1 of 2008. He has been dedicated to making the pizzeria special ever since, and is proud of what he has accomplished so far with the place.

“I was happy and excited, I wanted to change things a little bit with what I wanted to do. Took a few years, but it worked out,” Agren said.

The pizzeria offers many specialty pizzas and regular pies as well, however Agren seems to be very proud of something else on the menu at Mario’s Pizza.

“We make our own fried mozzarella, and we make them into triangles and not sticks. It’s a big seller here,” Agren said.

Agren is also excited about some of the newer pizzas on the menu at Mario’s Pizza, including the Fried Pickle Pizza. Consisting of ranch dressing and fried pickles, the pizza has been a huge success for the pizzeria. Agren likes the creative and fun aspect behind making the pies, and coming up with new and interesting ideas. He loves coming into work everyday, and making the different foods on the menu.

“It’s very time-consuming, you’re basically living here. Luckily after so many years, I was able to have a day off, but I love it. I love cooking, and the people you meet in Hammonton. It takes over your life,” Agren said.

Considering that Agren is in the pizzeria every day, some may think he has gotten tired of eating or even seeing pizza. However, the story is a little different for Agren.

“I try to eat other things, but I still eat a slice a day. It’s just habit, you’re going to grab that slice of pizza and you’re going to eat it within a minute or two,” Agren said.

For more information on Mario’s Pizza, head to their website at, or call the shop at (609) 561-2000.


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