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Enjoying August in Hammonton

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August tends to be the least-celebrated summer vacation month, mainly because its final weeks come right before the beginning of the school year, so there is less time for summer fun as families prepare for school and the fall.

There is still a lot of summer left, however, and if you know where to look, you’ll find that summer fun either in town or minutes away from Hammonton. Here are some of our suggestions on how to enjoy August, and the summer days that remain:

• Hammonton Hot Shots playoff run. The Hot Shots have done well in the shortened Atlantic County Baseball League Season. Follow them at Frank “Moose” LoSasso Field at Hammonton Lake Park (or, for real diehards, on the road) as they seek another ACBL Championship.

• Jersey Fresh Harvest Time. People are canning all over town, from homemade gravy to vegetables they can enjoy all winter long. This is a time-honored tradition in Hammonton. Family members come together and follow the same methods, year after year. The bounty of backyard gardens is also ready to be harvested. Farm markets are all still going strong as well—visit one today!

• Let’s go ride a bike. Bicycling is bigger than ever nationwide and locally. Take a ride around town to catch up on what you’ve missed. Go on a journey of many miles for fitness. No matter what age you are, bicycling is good for the body and soul.

• Crafts from Hammonton Family Success Center. Want a great way to spend part of an August day? If you have kids, sign up for the Success Center’s craft events. Whether it’s cooking, STEM or fun crafts, there is always something happening at the Success Center. Each project is free and there is a Facebook video to accompany it.  Learn more on the center’s Facebook page.

• Find some water. Go on a boat ride on the Mullica or Egg Harbor River. Sit on a beach along the Jersey Shore. Hang out at the gazebo or picnic benches by the Hammonton Lake in Hammonton Lake Park. Grab a chaise lounge near the pool at the Hammonton Swim Club or in your backyard. There is something about being on, in or near the water during the summer months that makes us all feel glad to be alive.

• Take time for Third Thursday. This month’s theme is Blues, Brews & BBQ. Enjoy the music, restaurants and shops in the downtown area on a summer evening from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. on August 20.

August has plenty of summer fun left in it. Partake in the summer enjoyment Hammonton provides while the days are still warm and long.


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