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Enjoying coffee and creative experience

Using her creativity, something Casciano Coffee Bar & Sweetery takes pride in, employee Lisa Wright makes a new beverage. (Courtesy Photo)

Casciano Coffee Bar & Sweetery is located on Bellevue Avenue, and is a popular stop for a quick bite to eat or a refreshing beverage. Many people of all ages come into the store for a fresh hot coffee, maybe a quick bite to eat, or even meeting a business associate. No matter what the occasion, Casciano Coffee Bar & Sweetery brings together the community.

As their Facebook information says, Casciano Coffee Bar & Sweetery is a place to connect and see what’s happening in the town.

Adam Covert, an employee at Casciano Coffee Bar & Sweetery, described this in more detail.

“It was 14 years ago, and Linda [Cashan] opened it originally because the town needed some kind of center … Casciano’s became a hub for all the business owners and the local town people. After a while she noticed clubs were starting, and people were getting involved in the community,” Covert said.

Covert said Casciano Coffee Bar & Sweetery is known for its coffee drinks.

“Right now, our claim to fame is our espresso drinks and our coffees. It’s locally-sourced, and we’ve had the same roaster for 14 years,” Covert said.

Covert explained that Casciano has a great relationship with the roasters, and they put their best effort forward to create a great roast. Drinks at Casciano can be made to order, with the baristas helping customers find their perfect drink. Even if a drink was taken off the menu, Covert said if asked the baristas would make the drink.

Casciano also offers a variety of hot and cold beverages from iced tea to lemonade to their signature frozen hot chocolate.

The shop is not limited to only coffee and drinks, however, with different sweets such as cheesecakes and cookies. They also have a variety of savory options from salads to sandwiches to seasonal soups and more.

“We offer a lot of homemade foods that we make in our kitchen … we are a sweetery as well … a lot of the creativity is employee-focused,” Covert said.

Covert likes the fact that employees get a little bit of a creative input when making these delights, and it allows for the employees to have fun making the desserts. The employees at Casciano love what they do, according to Covert. By allowing the creative freedom, and making a great product, Casciano has become a destination, according to Covert.

“We get people coming from Mays Landing, saying they drove 20 minutes to get here to try [our] stuff. That’s really what it’s about, so honestly for the future I think the employees are going to do really well for themselves, and we’re all going to stick around. We want to make a name for ourselves, I think that’s what is important,” Covert said.

Covert himself enjoys working at a social hub such as Casciano, explaining that he;s proud of being a part of the business.

“Even me personally, I take a lot of pride just working here. I’ve been in the industry for a long time, and this feels like a place I landed and I’m happy here. I think the other people [employees] tend to feel that way too, when they get that creative inspiration, that’s coming from a good place,” Covert said.

In the future, Covert explained that he would like to help different causes while working with Casciano as well.

“I would like to fine tune our customer experience to be more unique. If it’s a central hub, it’s a good place to find out information, or the community to read about each other,” Covert said.

For more information about Casciano Coffee Bar & Sweetery, stop in to 212 Bellevue Ave. or visit or connect with the downtown destination on social media at and on Instagram @cascianocoffeebar. Casciano Coffee Bar & Sweetery is open daily.


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