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Enjoying Fireworks in Hammonton

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In recent years, homeowners with their own fireworks setting them off had almost become part of the summer soundtrack. Now that soundtrack has been turned up entirely too loud, and needs to be turned off completely.

Enough is enough with the firework displays. Someone is going to get hurt, and the rest of us are tired of the noise. It’s not just our problem anymore: People in cities large and small have been complaining of illegal fireworks being set off, causing an unnecessary commotion.

Chief Kevin Friel, in comments made to The Gazette in a front-page article this week, clearly has had enough of the displays. The police department can’t be everywhere, however, and it’s up to local residents to stop using these fireworks.

People have a right to peaceful summer nights in Hammonton. We are asking the small group of residents who continually shoot off fireworks to sacrifice a little summer fun so the majority of residents—and their pets—can rest easier.

There are enough municipally-sanctioned, large fireworks displays to keep people entertained. In the past 12 months, we’ve had fireworks for National Night Out, New Year’s Eve, Independence Day and the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel on July 16. That should be enough fireworks displays for one town.

Stopping the nightly smaller, home-grown displays is not a lot to ask after months of difficult times. Remember, while you may be enjoying those fireworks, the rest of the town is not. Be considerate of your fellow Hammontonians and shut down these displays as we enter the new month of August. Everyone would appreciate the peace and quiet.

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