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Examining liberal ‘hypocrisy’ on illegal immigration

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On September 25, at an event for Hispanic business professionals, Barack Obama pulled out the race card. He stated that, “the biggest fuel behind the Republican agenda is related to immigration and the fear that somehow America’s character is going to be changed if, people of darker shades, there are too many of them here.”

Yes, he said this. This is the same Barack Obama who owns a $12 million, 29 acre home on Martha’s Vineyard and who had nothing to say when the white, rich people only allowed, island was “inundated” by a throng of 50 illegals, a tiny fraction of what our southern border towns deal with daily. After all, the island didn’t have the resources to accommodate 50 people of “darker shades”, so they were promptly shipped out. You’d think that Obama would have offered space for temporary housing on a portion of his 29 acres. Nope. Crickets.

Hypocritical? This doesn’t begin to scratch the surface of liberal hypocrisy when it comes to the flood of illegals pouring in daily through the Biden administration’s open border policy.

Recently, Chicago’s Lori Lightfoot, the current holder, in my opinion, of the honor of being America’s worst mayor now that Bill DiBlasio is out of office, secretly shipped at least 64 illegals out of Chicago and sent them to Burr Ridge, Illinois. Coincidentally, Burr Ridge is a town that voted for a Republican Mayor. Never, mind that only a couple of days earlier, Lightfoot crowed that “migrants coming into our city are accepted…[and] well supported.” Right. Turns out the Sanctuary City gibberish she’s been spouting is a well-supported lie.

New York City Mayor, Eric Adams, said nothing as the Biden Administration flew thousands of immigrants into New York State over the last few months. Yet, he jumped on the opportunity to call Texas Governor Greg Abbott a racist when Abbott started sending buses of illegals to Port Authority. And, oh yes, ask Biden to send him money to put up the illegals in his Sanctuary City.

Indeed, the outrage coming from the Democrats, angered by the Republican governors’ politically brilliant strategy of bringing attention to the open borders by sending illegals to so-called Sanctuary Cities, has been something to behold. President Joe Biden has called it “un American” and accused the governors of “playing politics with human beings.” Never mind that they’re doing exactly what he’s been doing for months, shipping illegals to northern locations. His mouthpiece, Karine Jean Pierre called it “smuggler tactics”, conveniently ignoring the real human trafficking being performed by the cartels who extort money from the illegals while trafficking them across Central America. And the always reliable and consistently useless, Alexandra Ocasio Cortez, called it “crimes against humanity.” Priceless.

And to think all of this is taking place in what America’s Vice President and resident Border Czar, Kamala Harris, has regularly cited is a “secure border.”A border so secure that estimates of illegal crossings during the Biden Administration’s tenure currently approximate 5 million (

And it’s not just human beings coming in illegally. In the last 12 months, we’ve had over 100,000 overdose deaths, primarily caused by Fentanyl ( which continues to pour in through our “secure” borders after ingredient manufacturing takes place in China. Much like with COVID-19, China continues to export subtle methods to decimate America, and thanks to the wide open borders, they are now being abetted by the Biden Administration. This is the real “humanitarian crisis” that’s taking place at the border, and Biden is apparently unconcerned. Ideology trumps all to the Democrat Party, even to the detriment of our own citizens.

At this rate, by the end of his first term, Biden’s millions of illegals will be spread throughout the U.S. Some will apply for asylum and some may even actually show up for their hearings. It won’t matter either way; they will be allowed to stay. What exactly are Democrats looking to accomplish? Many believe that it’s about importing new voters for the Democrat Party. In fact, though the GOP continues to make gains among Hispanics, the majority will still vote for Democrats. And allowing illegals to vote is gaining traction in Blue cities and states.

But the real problem here is that many on the Left think that enforcing existing immigration laws is just wrong. They don’t believe that our country has the right to keep people out who want to be here. They believe it’s discriminatory to enforce the sovereignty of our great nation. After all, according to some, America was founded by slave holders and Indian killers.

Some feel enforcing immigration laws is simply immoral.

So you see, while importing new voters is a significantly beneficial side effect to the Left, the real explanation for what’s taking place at the border is actually more sinister and more deeply disturbing. It’s about the dismantling of America’s past, our sovereignty and remaking our country in the Left’s warped view of Utopia. The irony is that the America that illegals come for, is the America their benefactors are bent on destroying.

Dr. Otto Hernandez is a political commentator and a lifelong educator.


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