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Family legacy continues at Lakeview

Brothers Nick Perone Jr. (left) and Dave Perone Sr. (right) and his son Dave Perone Jr. of Lakeview Garage. (THG/Sean Friel. To purchase photos in The Gazette, call (609) 704-1940.)

Since 1948, Lakeview Garage has been providing Hammonton and the surrounding area with quality service. The garage focuses on towing, road services, and some repairs. The garage is run by Dave Perone Sr. and Nick Perone Jr. Together, they continue to serve the town of Hammonton, just like their father had when he opened up the garage.

Lakeview Garage believes that customer service and quality service are the two most important factors as to why they have been so successful, as customers have stayed with the business for years.

The garage itself works closely with the Hammonton Police Department, AAA and the state police. With police and other businesses needing a towing company, Lakeview Garage creates a welcoming environment and great service according to Dave Perone.

However, with new technology, Lakeview Garage has had to make some changes to the way they operate.

“Well it’s hard with the new electronics they have out now … because of the all wheel drive vehicles, the tow trucks are mostly all flat beds. Just about everything now is all wheel drive, so years ago we had all tow trucks and wheel lifts,” Dave Perone said.

Working with new technologies for newer models of cars has been somewhat of a challenge for Lakeview Garage. Using new scanners for figuring out where and when the vehicle will be located is a new change to the garage, but doesn’t hold the company back from making an impact and getting the job done. Perone commented on the fact that new electric cars are coming out now, which also will most likely be using the flat bed truck. The Perone brothers are determined to keep the garage’s atmosphere and service as it was when it first opened, in honor of their father.

The business was and still to this day run by the Perone family.

“My father started it in 1948, and my brother and I are running it now. My son is up to the third generation now,” Dave Perone said.

With Perone’s son now the third generation working at the garage, the legacy can continue and the same quality service customers are familiar with will not be lost in translation.

During COVID-19 the garage did not shut down, but rather was still towing vehicles for the town of Hammonton. Regulations were put in place for the garage by AAA, but many of those have been lifted.

“We weren’t allowing the members in the truck with us, but we were still towing the vehicles. Now AAA just opened that up now … where members can ride in the trucks,” Dave Perone said.

The garage itself was not affected by COVID-19 as the regular routine was still implemented for many, including Dave and his family. The garage still helped others in need when they could during the pandemic, while also making sure of the safety of their own employees.

Dave Perone said when new customers walk through the doors of the shop, they receive the same treatment a regular customer would get.

“Being that it is a small town, everyone has their favorite mechanics,” Dave Perone said.

Dave Perone emphasized that his favorite part about the business is actually being in the vehicle towing. Perone enjoys the relaxation of driving, and being on the road rather than in the shop.

“I’d rather be in the truck,” he said laughing.

For more information on Lakeview Garage, visit their website


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