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Feel good and look good with Awaken Aesthetics

Dr. Ellen Lauletta (seated) and her business partner Aleshia Regan. (THG/Dillon Siddiqi. To purchase photos in The Gazette, call (609) 704-1940.)

Awaken Aesthetics is a unique, boutique aesthetics spa located on the White Horse Pike that is helping Hammontonians look and feel their best.

Awaken Aesthetics is owned by Dr. Ellen Lauletta, who is originally from Ukraine, then moved to Pennsylvania when she was 5 years old and then moved to her husband’s hometown of Hammonton after getting married. Lauletta received her doctorate of nursing in 2019 from Wilmington University and has been practicing medicine for over 12 years.

Lauletta spent many of her years practicing medicine as an anesthesiologist, but finds her work now to be much more rewarding.

“I switched over to aesthetics because of how the world is changing and I just really wanted to help people feel good and look good, not just put them to sleep for surgery,” Lauletta said.

Her business partner, Aleshia Regan, is a licensed aesthetician, makeup artist and lash and brow artist. While Regan loves makeup, beauty and everything preventing aging, she went into the field because she has a passion for helping people feel good about themselves.

“The importance of feeling good about yourself and helping others feel that way as well. Whether that be on the inside as well as the outside, just bringing that out for people whether I’m doing makeup or helping them with their skin, that’s pretty much my whole philosophy and mission,” Regan said.

Awaken Aesthetics opened in October and a deciding factor for Lauletta to bring the business to Hammonton was being able to bring top-notch care to Hammontonians.

“I feel like there’s nothing better than giving back to the community you live in and your kids grow up in and really building the economy there. Also, because a lot of the practices that exist, exist in big cities or bigger suburbs like Cherry Hill and Marlton,” Lauletta said.

Awaken Aesthetics offers a wide range of services and Lauletta said it’s what separates them from other places.

“We merge two very separate, but complementary industries in one space that makes it very seamless for our patients to get all of their care in one place and have it optimized and elevated to their level because normally you would go to a med-spa for injectables and everything non surgical or you would go to a spa for your aesthetics and we bring both of those together so our clients really get full service.,” Lauletta said.

Awaken Aesthetics also has access to the most up to date technology at their location and they are always staying up to date and educated within their fields. Lauletta and Regan also take great pride in making sure the customer is educated and receiving the care and treatment that is best for them.

“If they come in asking for one thing, we are not ones to say ‘oh yeah, we’ll do whatever you want.’ It’s all what’s best for you and what you’re looking for and for us to guide you in the direction of which you should be going to ultimately get the results that you want,” Regan said.

For more information you can visit their website at and follow them on Facebook @awakenmedspaNJ and on Instagram @awakenaestheticsnj


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