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Focus on mind, body & soul at the Wellness Loft

Kim Weygand, massage therapist and spray tan technician, owner Lori Flickinger and Lynn Olive (seated), pilates instructor and personal trainer. (THG/Sean Friel. To purchase photos in The Gazette, call (609) 704-1940.)

Just off the White Horse Pike in the Blueberry Crossing Shopping Plaza, one can find Lori’s Wellness Loft, a business that focuses on the mind, body and soul. Lori Flickinger owns and operates the business, which has plenty to offer the community.

“We offer massage therapy, energy work, organic spray tanning, we just added pilates, teeth whitening, personal training … health and life coaching … also do continuing education for massage therapists here,” Flickinger said.

Flickinger is no stranger to the health care business. She has been active in the field for more than 26 years, becoming a health and life coach, massage therapist and more.

“I’ve been in business since ‘96, doing personal training and massage therapy, and then I opened my studio in 2008, and the reason why I opened the studio,was because I always wanted to have a wellness center that would be able to offer a full service center where people could come and get a variety of services to help them,” Flickinger said.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 had an impact on Flickinger’s business. Most clients are required to come in for most services that the Wellness Loft offers.

“We do almost all our services in person, other than the health and life coach we can do that over the phone, so it really pushed us back,” Flickinger said.

Even with adversity, Lori’s Wellness Loft has always had a personal relationship with their clients and still continue to do so today. One of the more important parts of the business is the client relationship.

“It’s not that there’s memberships here; they come in as needed … it’s very intimate … when you actually sit there, face to face, and talk with someone for an entire hour and be heard; it’s a different type of relationship,” Flickinger said.

Creating an open place where clients can feel free to express themselves, or maybe just have a quick chat, allows for Flickinger’s loft to stand out against the competition. Flickinger said she has big plans for the Wellness Loft, starting with pickleball clinics. Flickinger had developed an interest in the sport and found it to be a fun way to exercise.

“Over COVID, I took up pickleball and actually started teaching pickleball clinics …the cool thing is, I really want to bring pickleball to the schools, to corporations, to rehab centers because there’s such a huge community involved … we’re trying to get courts in Hammonton. I’m working with the mayor right now and with parks and recreation. We are going to be getting 12 courts on Liberty Street,” Flickinger said.

Lori’s Wellness Loft prides itself on helping people discover a “happier, healthier you” and provides a safe space for many, and opens the door to a healthier lifestyle. With Flickinger’s multiple services, she creates an opportunity for the community to take advantage of.

“I don’t believe any one thing is important; I think you have to treat the entire person,” said Flickinger.

For more info on Lori’s Wellness Loft and the services and classes they provide, go to


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