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Hammonton History

Photo Courtesy of Joan Kelly

Members of the Hammonton Rotary Club in front of the William B. Kessler Memorial Hospital Emergency Department in the 1960s. Pictured (not in order): Pete Carnesale, Fred Fitchett, Lou Piraino, Amerigo George, Chester Johnson, Charles Davenport, Pete Ranere, Joe Canele, Don Lawsom, Warren E. Sooy. The others are unidentified. Anyone who knows the names of the other people in the photo should contact The Gazette at (609) 704-1940 or

If you have historical photographs with family or friends at work, play or at home from the late 1800s to the 2010s which you would like to share with The Gazette’s readers, please contact us at (609) 704-1940 or at


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