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Hand to Shoulder Center opens in Hammonton

THG/MarySusan Hoffman. To purchase photos in The Gazette, call (609) 704-1940. Dr. Andrew Miller of Philadelphia Hand to Shoulder Center.

Philadelphia Hand to Shoulder Center recently opened a location in Hammonton at 373 S. White Horse Pike.

Dr. Andrew Miller is seeing patients once a week in town. So far, Miller said he is enjoying his time in Hammonton. Currently the practice is open Thursdays in Hammonton.

“I have always seen the exit for Hammonton traveling down the AC Expressway, but the first time I really saw Hammonton was when I got off the exit for my first day of work here. It is a beautiful area. I enjoy the farmland. It makes me feel like I am back in the Midwest with small town feel and a deep sense of community.”

A 50 Year History

Dr. Miller and his colleagues care for patients in both the Philadelphia region and southern New Jersey, with many patients travelling across the country and even internationally for their unique expertise.

“Our group has been around for more than 50 years. We have 15 offices in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, including Cherry Hill and Cape May Court House. As we looked to expand in the area, Hammonton was the perfect location between Philly and A.C.,” he said.

The doctor said that hand surgery is a highly-specialized practice area. Miller completed a Hand and Microvascular Surgery Fellowship at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. in 2018. He was awarded the Alice Jensen Hand Fellowship award during his time there. “Hand surgery is very specialized. Not many people do hand surgery unless they receive a fellowship. I did extra training in the nuances of hand surgery including plastics, orthopedics, vascular, micro-surgery and more,” Miller said.

He said the practice is “a one-stop shop for hand and-upper-extremity-related issues.” Miller and his colleagues provide comprehensive non-surgical treatments and leading-edge surgical care for hands, wrists, arms, elbows and shoulders. From traumatic injuries caused by accidents to chronic conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis and arthritis, these specially trained physicians have you covered from fingertip to shoulder.

“Next to the hips and knees, thumbs are one of the most common for arthritic issues,” Dr. Miller said.

And the increase in virtual work and school coupled with the rise of usage of cell phones, the doctors at Philadelphia Hand Shoulder Center are seeing an increase in patients with hand complaints. “There are a lot of phone related issues. Something that has been different than years past is when we ask what symptoms they have. ‘Do your hands start to go numb when you hold up your phone?’ Now we notice carpal tunnel symptoms based on how people hold their phones,” Miller said.

He added that trigger finger is also increasing based on how people type on a smart phone screen and said these issues are occurring in younger patients too. I have seen carpal tunnel in people as young as in their twenties,” Miller said. He himself is not immune from needing a specialist from his practice. “I am actually one of my own patients. I have developed my own tendonitis,” Dr. Miller said.

Supporting the Local Community

Miller looks forward to supporting the local agricultural community. “I trained in the mid-west surrounded by a large farming community, so I am familiar with common issues facing farmers,” he said. The doctor has advice for local growers.

“Make sure you always check your equipment before using it. Wear protective gloves to prevent any contact trauma with your fingers and hands. For people who have pains in their thumbs and wrists, think of sleep as a period of rest for your hands. Consider wearing an appropriate splint at night to help offset persistent pain,” Miller said. He also recommends that growers make investments in technologies that provide for safer procedures and lower the risk of injury.

Many of the patients at Philadelphia Hand to Shoulder Center will require some form of physical therapy. “I have a certified hand therapist with me when I am here in Hammonton. We want to help everyone we can. For some patients, regular therapy may provide the best outcomes,” Miller said.

Giving Back Globally

Dr. Miller is committed to volunteering his time with medical mission trips in Central and South America. “We had a little hiatus due to the pandemic and I hope to return in the spring. It is incredibly rewarding work,” he said. “I think it gets at the core. Love your neighbor. It is at essence of what we are trained to do—try to help people. It is the most gratifying of experiences I have had. It is a great feeling to try and help people without the expectation of compensation. Hopefully, we can give people a better opportunity,” Miller said.

If you need care for your hands, wrists, arms, elbows or shoulders, make an appointment with Dr. Miller, by calling (610) 768-5959. Learn more at


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