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HCF’s Helping Our Neighbors Dinner Oct. 21

Hammonton Cancer Foundation Dinner October 21, 2003

The Hammonton Cancer Foundation will be hosting their annual Helping Our Neighbors Dinner on Oct. 21 at 6 p.m. at Winslow Manor Hall.

There will be live music and performances throughout the night as well as a 50/50 raffle, auction and a buffet with dessert.

Hammonton Cancer Foundation President David Mauriello said the Helping Our Neighbors Dinner started in 2006 where the proceeds initially went to the South Jersey Cancer Fund in Brigantine, but over the last couple years, as the Hammonton Cancer Foundation has grown, the foundation has branched out to a number of other cancer-specific organizations that are all volunteer organizations.

“Those organizations include South Jersey Breast Cancer Coalition, Toast Pink, which is also down the shore out of Margate, Inspiring Life Together, which is located in Burlington County, and most recently we’ve been able to donate to Philanthropic Fund through Virtua Hospital specifically to help fund an outing called Camp Oasis, which benefits directly the children of cancer patients,” Mauriello said.

This will be the 13th Helping Our Neighbors Dinner in the 15th year of the Hammonton Cancer Foundation’s existence.

“Looking forward to another great event this year. Very excited about what we’ve been able to achieve over the years. We’ve been very fortunate with the support that we received from so many organizations in the town from the Hammonton Police Department to the Hammonton Fire Companies as well as a number of businesses,” Mauriello said.

Some of the organizations that have helped the Hammonton Cancer Foundation include but are not limited to the Kiwanis Club, the Lions Club and the Hammonton School District.

By the time of publishing, tickets will be sold out for the dinner, however, there are other ways to support the Hammonton Cancer Foundation.

“People can by using our website make direct donations to the organization. We also have a program book that we do the night of the event that has various degrees of sponsorship opportunities, and those specific sponsor sheet forms can be found on our website,” Mauriello said.

If people would like to attend next year, they can purchase tickets from one of the Hammonton Cancer Foundation members.

“Tickets are very hard to come by because our membership is right around 30 members and the room is limited to about 300 people,” Mauriello said.

For more information visit the Hammonton Cancer Foundation’s website

“It’s the generosity of the community that has allowed us to do this over these years and because of that, so many people have been helped directly or indirectly, and I’m so proud of our membership for having done this for so long,” Mauriello said.


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