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Heart healthy shopping list

When heading to the grocery store, keep heart healthy foods on your shopping list. (Courtesy Photo)

If you are having trouble trying to figure out what foods to eat and what food groups to look for when shopping at the grocery store, here are some tips from

Vegetables and Fruits

Try to eat a variety of vegetables and fruits. You can buy vegetables and fruits fresh, frozen, canned or dried. Here is a list of specific vegetables and fruits you can consume that will help the health of your heart, according to

• Fresh vegetables such as tomatoes, cabbage and carrots.

• Leafy greens for salads, like romaine lettuce, spinach and kale.

• Canned vegetables that are low in sodium.

• Frozen vegetables without added butter or sauces, like broccoli, cauliflower or peas.

• Fresh fruits such as apples, oranges, bananas, pears and peaches.

• Canned, frozen or dried fruit without added sugars.

Local farmers markets are great places to find fresh vegetables and fruits in your area. Search through local listings to see when and where the closest farmers market is.


The best heart healthy dairy products are fat-free or low-fat options. Search for these kinds of products listed below.

• Fat-free or low fat (one percent) milk.

• Fat-free or low-fat plain yogurt.

• Fat-free or low-fat cheese.


When searching for breads, cereals and other foods that contain grains, be sure you see whole wheat or another type of grain listed in the ingredient list.

Look for products that say 100 percent whole grain. Here are some examples of products from

• Whole-grain bread, bagels English muffins and tortillas.

• Whole-grain hot or cold breakfast cereals with no added sugars.

• Whole grain rices such as brown or wild rice, quinoa or oats.

• Whole-wheat or whole grain pasta and couscous.


Proteins such as seafood, poultry and lean beef are all good proteins that promote a healthy heart. Other proteins that are very good for you are beans and peas, eggs and tofu. These foods paired with the others above will promote a healthy heart and diet.


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