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In Memoriam: Bill Myers

William A. “Bill” Myers Jr., 51, of Hammonton, N.J. passed away on Friday, December 24, 2021. (Courtesy Photo)

This past Christmas, Hammonton lost one of its great residents. A man dedicated to his family, the Church and the community in which he lived. While there is no shortage of locals willing to help better our town, Bill Myers went above and beyond any expectation or assumption to make Hammonton a better place for all of us. And he did so without ever seeking acknowledgement. I want to share a few things about Bill that exemplify the man he was and one we should all strive to be more like.

Some years ago, I joined a leadership change on the Hammonton Swim Club Board, and found we were in dire financial straits, with a backlog of repairs and upgrades needed. We weren’t sure where to turn, or if the club would even survive another year. Bill, whose children were all on the swim team, and oldest daughter a lifeguard, had been selflessly putting into motion a series of deeds that gave us the operational, financial, and spiritual support to return the pool to greatness. Here’s a partial list of the things Bill took upon himself to do for the Swim Club:

He resurfaced the parking lot.

He rebuilt and landscaped the retaining wall, adding shrubs to spell out Hammonton.

He donated picnic benches and built a sitting area.

He donated and installed commercial toilets in the bathrooms.

He upgraded the bleachers with galvanized wheels.

He repaired our heaters and plumbing.

He single handedly planned, produced and promoted an outdoor Doug Church concert bringing hundreds of attendees and raising money for the Swim Club organization.

He held an Easter Breakfast to raise money for the Swim Team.

He paid to have our roofs cleaned.

He winterized and reopened the plumbing year after year.

He maintained the landscaping across the entire property for the years we could not afford a landscaper.

He bought giant banners to line the property during home swim meets.

He donated palm trees around the property to give the pool a much needed summer facelift.

He paid for and ran ads in The Hammonton Gazette and local radio stations promoting the Swim Club and Swim Team.

He did all of this without being asked, without ever seeking compensation, and insisted his work remain anonymous. His actions helped bring about a rebirth of the Swim Club. We wouldn’t be here without him. Now he’s no longer with us, and that is a loss that can’t be replaced. The Swim Club, its members and all of Hammonton are fortunate to have had Bill Myers around.

Rest in peace, Bill. Thank you for everything you did for us.

J. Vincenzo Penza

Vice President


Swim Club


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