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It doesn’t hurt to offer a helping hand to someone

The past year has been hard on many people.

OK. That is the understatement of the year.

This year has been horrible for many.

We all know someone who has been sick; who has lost a loved one; who lost a job or business; hasn’t seen family in the past year or maybe all of the above and more.

Help however you can. Even if you have nothing, you have you.

Listen more.  Call up someone you know to be alone.  Listen to their story.

Shovel a snow-covered driveway. Bring a home-cooked meal to a home-bound friend. Jump on Zoom and help a friend’s kid with homework or read them your favorite childhood bedtime story. Get some exercise outside by walking an elderly neighbor’s dog.

Be present in the lives of those around you.

Say yes more.  Don’t automatically say no.

If you have information that could help someone, share it.  Don’t hoard it for yourself. If you have an extra coupon, share with a friend or acquaintance.

Ignore those who question your ulterior motives.  They lack kindness in their hearts. Being helpful is appreciated.

Sometimes stepping back is needed from someone who is overwhelmed. Just let them know you will be there for them when they are ready.

If you have financial resources to help, please support those groups whose mission you admire.

Our local food pantry is always in need. They have fed more people this year than the year before.

Local nonprofits have not seen the same donation levels as in previous years. If you can and it doesn’t negatively impact your family, send a donation.

Donate the excess in your life. There is a need for coats for the homeless.  Look online, there are plenty of drives. Same thing with shoes.

According to, “In some parts of the country, particularly in the south, it is customary to throw your old things (including furniture!) out of the window at midnight. Watch out if you will be celebrating out on the streets because you may be hit by someone clearing out the house in preparation for the new good fortune that the new year will hopefully bring.”

By ridding your house of the unnecessary you may be bringing good fortune their way.

Join a civic or church group. I love volunteering. Being part of a group with a common mission, is so soul enriching.

If you lack an altruistic nature, no worries. You can benefit yourself and still help others.

Shop locally. Shop locally. Shop locally. We at The Gazette cannot stress this enough.

Pop in a retail store in January, if funds allow, and buy yourself a gift. Pick up some gift cards for upcoming birthdays. Help out your fellow Hammontonians.

Saint Francis of Assisi said “For it is in giving that we receive” and if it is you yourself you give a gift to, what is wrong with that on occasion?

Be kind. Be helpful. Together we can make 2021 a better year.  Happy new year.

Gina Rullo is the editor-in-chief of The Hammonton Gazette.


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