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Letters To The Editor

Jonathan Oliva Councilman Town of Hammonton

Dear Editor,

Hammonton is an incredibly special place to so many people. I can tell you that as a person who’s lived here my whole life, it certainly is special to my family and me. It’s more than just the place that my family and I live but it’s the town my wife works in, the town my son goes to school in, the town five generations of my family has called home and the community that we to support with everything that we have.

Hammonton’s past is full of proud traditions and incredible moments. Under Hammonton First’s leadership over the last 18 years, those proud traditions like the Mount Carmel Festival and the Fireman’s Christmas Parade have been preserved and new iconic events like the Blueberry Drop on New Year’s Eve, the Independence Day Parade and firework displays for both of those events have been added.

Low taxes, economic growth and expanded recreation have all become a staple of Hammonton First’s time in office. I am proud to be a part of an organization that has continued to stabilize taxes while expanding both passive and active recreation in town.

Looking toward our future, we have more recreation and road improvement projects and are in strong financial position to keep taxes stable. To carry through with this future, Hammonton needs selfless leaders like Tom Gribbin, Zack Brown and myself who will continue to put Hammonton First.

This fall, I am asking you to put your faith in us to continue to work hard for this place we call home. Hammonton First, Gribbin, Oliva, Brown, vote all three in Column C to continue the progress!

Jonathan Oliva


Town of Hammonton


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