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Letters to the Editor

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To The Editor:

In the Oct. 18 edition of The Gazette, Latham Tiver’s article hit the nail on the head. It is quite obvious that Governor Murphy has no problem following the old saying “do as I say, not as I do.” It seems that all this concern about the environment depends on who is issuing the mandates but one thing is for won’t affect them.

The ironic thing is that many of the same people who are now decrying the actions of this governor are the same people who vote for these politicians year after year, believing that things will change. They don’t, and he may be in the same league as two other superstars who think they are doing great things for the environment: John Kerry and Al Gore come to mind.

These two frauds issue dire warnings on how we will destroy the planet while they zip off to another BS meeting in their private jets and no one seems to know who funds them. But anyone who pays attention can just about guess where that generosity comes from.

This whole political nightmare, from this President on down reminds me of an opinion voiced a long time that still applies today.

“The people have always some champion whom they set over them and nurse into greatness. This and no other is the root from which a tyrant springs, when he first appears is their protector.”

Plato had it right 2000 years ago.

John Clements

Hammonton, N.J.


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