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Letters to the Editor

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To The Editor:

I’d like to thank Sam Rodio, Bob Vettese, Arawak Paving and its employees for making the two worst streets in Hammonton, Colwell Avenue and Second Street, the best looking streets in town. Great job!

Can someone explain to me why we need another football field when through the years, we have five different locations.

The Hawks played at the Hammonton Lake Pony League Field, St. Joseph Academy’s vacant field that the bishop took over [Wood Street], William T. Capella Field, which in my opinion is one of the best fields in South Jersey, the new high school field and the field on Vine Street, which didn’t have a blade of grass.

By the way on this field [Vine Street], two high school teams, semi-pro team and the Hammonton Hawks played there. Why did we need a sixth field? Total waste of taxpayers money.

Sam Mento Jr.

Hammonton, N.J.


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