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Letters To The Editor

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To the Editor,

I find it extremely naïve that a concession stand that sold pro-Trump merchandise would now exacerbate the vast and growing gap between liberals and conservatives. I think it’s a little too late to fret about our political differences that have been encouraged to fester for the past six years by social media and many of our politicians.

I have followed the Russian collusion hoax, the partisan impeachments and indictments, censorships and selective news coverage, attacks against conservative Supreme Court Justices, weaponization of the FBI and DOJ with a dual justice system, hundreds of protests and riots, persecution of entire city police departments, the Afghanistan fiasco, soaring energy costs and the growing evidence of corruption in the White House.

I have former friends who have distanced themselves just because I supported President Trump. I have listened to the current president and attorney general refer to MAGA Republicans as the biggest threat to U.S. security.

So now we should all temporarily put our differences aside because of a concession stand on Third Street. Don’t think the same response would have been elicited had that concession stand sold anti-Trump or pro-Biden merchandise.

Arnold Cappuccio

Hammonton, N.J.

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