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Letters to the Editor

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To the Editor,

Hammonton gets another “feather in its cap.” Kudos to Camp Tuscaloosa for including “deaf children” into their program.

My generation can certainly appreciate one of our most valuable five senses, and that is “hearing.” Often times we take for granted our senses providing they are doing their job, until we become a victim. With aging, loss of hearing occurs for many people for whatever reason regardless of the cause.

My daughter learned how to “sign” at a young age because her elementary school believed it would be a valuable tool someday.

Hearing is one of our most precious gifts. Sam and Lisa Seitles have taken on this challenge because they too realize the importance of tending to all children with or without disabilities.

Perhaps our school system should consider incorporating a basic, “FYI program of sign language” to the elementary grades? Aside from the value of our young people understanding and accepting another way to communicate, just think of the quietness it would bring to the class room!

Joanna Conn

Hammonton, N.J.


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