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Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:

Five years ago I received a call from a gentleman who was interested in renting my family’s farm market located on Route 30 in Hammonton. Hank Rizzotte suggested he give me a call and see if I would be interested in renting him the facility. After meeting Dennis and his wife, Zora, I couldn’t help but feel they would be the right ones to open it.

Dennis and Zora had a history of dealing with local farmers for years purchasing fruits and vegetables that they sold at their Waretown Farm Market located on Rt. 206. Dennis told me of his friendship with Dave Rizzotte and Frank Donio Inc. just to name a couple.

He told me of how he was always interested in opening a Hammonton location after spending time with Dave Rizzotte at the local Sons Of Italy on the 16th July and other events that they had attended. I figured if he could hang with Dave he must be OK and I agreed to allow him to locate here.

It didn’t take long for me to see that Dennis and Zora’s experience, product knowledge and more importantly the relationships they built with their customers (which they told me were their friends, not customers) Watching them reminded me so much of my mom and dad and the friendships they developed at the farm stand while I was growing up.

For the many who came to Waretown Farms to purchase fruits and vegetables, flowers ornamentals and anything else Dennis and Zora provided at the market, know they were given a quality product by people who truly cared for them as friends.

Dennis and Zora’s fondness for his Hammonton relationships convinced him to sell his home and locate here in Hammonton and for the past couple of years was pleased to call himself a new Hammontonian. Dennis was battling some health issues the last couple years but he never let it affect the business or wanting to ensure their customers were always completely happy.

Dennis recently lost his battle with cancer and Waretown Farms is no more, but the friendships, the memories and the Waretown Farms old-school way of doing business will be remembered always. I will miss them dearly.

Jim Bertino



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