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Letters to the Editor

Letters To The Editor (courtesy photo)

To the Editor:

My name is Renee Rodio and I wanted to introduce myself and speak about why I am running for a seat on town council. My primary reason for getting involved in local government is my desire to make a difference and give back to a community and nation that has given me so much. I will also discuss what being a Constitutional Republic means and our responsibilities as a citizen in a republic.

Local action has a national impact. At the local level, active participation has the most immediate effect because it has the most direct effect on the everyday life of most Americans. As a citizen of a Constitutional Republic it is our responsibility to protect people’s natural rights as outlined in the Declaration of Independence. The Constitution was written to provide a system of government that would protect our rights. The Constitution provides a way to protect against individuals who might abuse the position to which they were elected.

The definition of a Constitutional Republic is a form of government in which officials are elected by citizens to lead them as directed by their country’s constitution. The constitution limits the government’s power and elected officials cannot take away or violate certain rights of the people. It is put into place to prevent the government from becoming a tyrannical ruler.

In order to participate fully and be an informed voter in a constitutional republic, every citizen should educate themselves on important policy issues. The purpose of the Constitution is to allow citizens to participate in the process and prevent public officials from taking advantage of the system or citizens.

In a Constitutional Republic, it is the responsibility of all Americans to educate themselves, vote and participate in civil discussion at all levels which include local, state and national issues. Ways in which one can get involved locally include but not are limited to private philanthropic activities like donating time or money to charitable causes and public activities like serving on jury duty and working at the polls during the election.

A healthy republic needs engaged citizens. My running mates Adam Re and Joshua Trepiccione and I are here to serve all of our residents. It is our duty to provide involvement and oversight to ensure our public officials exercise good judgement and moderation in the pursuit of fair policy and governance of the people locally and nationally.

To be a successful public servant one must display a public conscience, vigilance and dedication to something larger than oneself.

Renee Rodio

Republican Candidate Hammonton Town Council


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