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Letters to the Editor

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To the Editor:

As a wife, mother, small business owner and former Hammonton Council representative, I follow the happenings in Hammonton with great interest. I want to see this community succeed for ourselves, our kids and our grandkids. My wish for a successful Hammonton is why I am supporting the Republican team of Josh Trepiccione, Adam Re and Renee Rodio for Hammonton Town Council.

As a former elected official, I respect anyone who chooses to get involved in local politics.

However, it is always good to have a new set of eyes and ideas to any elected office. This is why we need newcomers like Josh, Adam and Renee to serve on council. This team will bring energy, new ideas, and a strong understanding of the needs of the average resident to town council.

Like so many of you, I want the town to be safe, our infrastructure to be maintained, our services to be high-quality, and our business climate to be positive. Josh, Adam and Renee are the team to make this happen. On the campaign trail, they have proposed ideas and solutions that will benefit everyone. They already successfully lobbied to defeat the proposed “rain tax” in Hammonton!

Josh, Adam and Renee will treat everyone with the dignity and respect that you deserve. Everyone will have the opportunity to thrive in Hammonton and have their opinion heard. It will not matter whether you are a fifth generation Hammontonian or just moved here. Everyone will matter.

Hammonton has succeeded for more than 150 years and I want it to continue to succeed. Electing Josh, Adam, and Renee is critical to that success. On November 8, join me in electing Trepiccione, Re and Rodio to town council. Elect all three!

Anni Carpo



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