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Letters to the Editor: Calling 911

To the Editor:

As I sit and think about how much the world has changed today I am reminded how much our little town has changed.

Recently my husband was riding his bicycle, on the road, and someone who lives on the road called the police about a suspicious person, riding his bike, again, on the road. I do not understand at all, what exactly is suspicious about riding a bike?

Do people believe when they purchase a home they own the street? Do you not think the police have calls of greater importance? Of a serious nature?

So while you are wasting the resources of 911 and an officer because my husband is riding his bike on the road, someone may have a serious emergency elsewhere. I would love to understand what in someone’s thought process says, I need to call the police because someone is riding their bike, on the street near my house.

I say thank you to the officer that responded as he was professional and respectful toward my husband and was understanding of the situation.

Donna Lloyd



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