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Letters to the Editor: Coia for Hammonton School Board

To the Editor:

I wanted to take an opportunity to share a little bit more about me, Luke Coia, as I am running for our school board at a critical time. Let me first say you may appreciate a hands-on, hardworking, no-nonsense, common-sense voice. A voice that will support every child regardless of political views.

As a business owner, I have plenty of successes and accomplishments; however, it only matters if I can take that experience and use it in a way that benefits those in our schools. Frankly, many of you are motivated to vote in this year’s school board election because during these extraordinary times, we’ve been presented with unprecedented challenges — and many, many people haven’t agreed with the decisions made, let alone how those decisions have been made.

The pandemic, rightly so, has commanded the majority of our attention — and additionally, there are several other key areas of importance in need of improvement that impact our kids’ overall school experience — academically, athletically, and socially, that I will ensure get the necessary attention.

In just a short two weeks of campaigning, without a single negative message or comment about anyone, I’ve already apparently ruffled some feathers. I’ve received curious messages, odd questions, free advice and unsolicited recommendations from some interesting people who typically wouldn’t reach out to me.

Let me be clear. To the residents of Hammonton, my message and commitment to you is about transparency, accountability, and choice. It’s going to take me a little time, but I’m a fast learner, and I will make good on my promises. I provide my personal cell phone number on just about all my communications and encourage you to feel free to contact me. I will give you all the time you need.

To the current board members and candidates running for the board, I wish all of you luck and good health. I’ve worked well with most people and intend to do the same with you. I understand the difficulty of your jobs, and I appreciate what you’ve done. However, as you know from seeing me around I am not shy and I will challenge you on some of your decisions and policies in a respectful, and direct way.

To the students, staff, and teachers — Remember nobody will do more for “Ya” and I have your back!

Luke Coia

Candidate Hammonton

Board of Education


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