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Letters to the Editor: Concerned Citizen

To the Editor:

As a concerned citizen of the town of Hammonton, I have observed in the past several months that the candidates for Hammonton First running in this year’s election for town government haven’t been attending many, if not any, events that have been happening in our area. I believe the purpose for these candidates to attend these events is for them to get their message out as to what their plans are for the next two years to improve and be productive in our town.

Hammonton First’s only message that I’ve been exposed to in this campaign is that they are running on what they have done and not what they are planning to do in the future. Looking back on what someone has done and not ahead as to what they may be planning in the future is blank. In my opinion you cannot bank on what was done but on what needs to be done still.

The Republican Party has put out there, in great detail, how they would tackle many issues that have been pending in this town for quite some time. Their plans are transparent. There are no secrets. It must be presented as to what your future holds in regard to your leadership I feel.

Sometimes when a political party has been in power for far too long it becomes a given that they will win the election and there is really no need to prove anything to anyone anymore. I disagree with this idea totally. We elect our representatives to support our town and to better it at all times no matter how many years you may have been in office.

It is vital that we hear from all sides of the choices we have is critical in my opinion. Their silence is something we all should think about when going to the polls.

Denise Fichetola Brown



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