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Letters to the Editor: Congratulations to my brother and Gazette team

To the Editor:

Perseverance is an underrated virtue. In a culture of constant change, to persevere in something, especially when the climate is not the best, is considered foolhardy. This is certainly true for the newspaper industry. Who starts a newspaper in a small town? Why do such a thing and for 25 years? Gabe Donio does. The Hammonton Gazette in many ways is like Hammonton itself, a testimony to perseverance. The last 25 years have been ones of growth, development, and innovation in Hammonton and The Gazette is an important part of that. Gabe, as a Hammonton person with deep roots, saw the need, teamed with others, especially Gina Rullo, and gave Hammonton a new place both in print and online to assist the town in deepening its understanding of issues and successes.

This did not come easily. Dedication, hard work and support from the community brought The Gazette to this milestone anniversary. At the outset, many thought it would never last. Yet, The Gazette has not simply lasted, it has thrived.

Why? My belief is because there is a clear focus on the issues of the town and a desire for it to be better. This trait was instilled in my brothers and me from a young age by our parents and various relatives. Gabe began The Gazette as an effort to tell the story of the town and it continues to tell that story.

Whenever you hear a person from Hammonton tell a story, others add their own details from their perspective as the storyteller moves through it. The Gazette tries to weave these stories into one to give as accurate a picture of what is happening as it can. The dialogue that occurs in the town after each issue is published speaks to the need of local journalism in the ongoing conversation that will ultimately help Hammonton become a better place for all.

Congratulations to Gabe, Gina and the whole Hammonton Gazette team on their 25th anniversary! May there be many more!

The Rev. Frank S. Donio

West Hyattsville, Md.


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