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Letters to the Editor: Grassroots Organization

To the Editor:

So now we have a group called the Garden State 2A Grassroots Organization that recently spoke to council regarding a proposed resolution “to turn each county into a grassroots hub to defend our right to keep and bear arms.”

OK, I get it, that’s in the mission statement of every gun club, but the resolution goes further to “we the people send a clear message to our state government that we will defend our rights.”

Here’s where the paranoia creeps in. I assume this is based on the governor’s stand on background checks on gun sales, particularly focusing on people with a mental history.

Is this bad? I know, groups like this will counter with the old argument that this is the first step in taking our guns away.

Look, there’s nothing wrong with this group’s other goals of education, advocacy and information about New Jersey firearm laws. This is always a good thing, and all the gun owners and hunters I know in Hammonton are strict adherents of gun safety.

I also assume these proposed “resolution kits” are mailers to every legislator in state government warning them that they will protect their rights, but this resolution smacks of overkill (no pun intended) seemingly suggesting each county be turned into an armed militia ready to act if anyone in state government even so much as mentions background checks or heavens forbid, a ban on automatic weapons like an AR-15, which can fire multiple rounds per minute (the definition of overkill).

The resolution is currently being reviewed by town solicitor Mike Malinsky. I suggest he pass on approving it. It is overkill.

Chick DeCicco



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