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Letters to the Editor: It is time for a change

To the Editor:

The great singer, songwriter Bob Dylan wrote “the times they are a changin.”

As my team and I speak to more of our fellow Hammontonians we are finding that is more and more the case. So as we continue to hear from people in town we say that it is time for a change.

When ordinary citizens attend council meetings and Mayor Stephen DiDonato responds to their questions and comment as being and I quote “From the cheap seats...”

It is time for a change.

When, in my opinion, municipal employees are treated poorly and pushed to limits of doing not their jobs but the wishes of Mayor DiDonato and the town advocate James Donio, and some work with outdated computers and computer operating systems such as the incident last year when the 20 year old computer system at the sewer plant allegedly crashed…

When instead of looking to bring new ratables and jobs to the town that will not burden the school system, the current mayor continues to build new homes bringing more students into the school system…

It is time for a change.

When the current Hammonton “Friends and Family First” administration concentrates its efforts on our revitalized downtown area and ignores the balance of the town...

It is time for a change.

When the current administration is questioned about resolving an ongoing problem that has been ignored for more than 15 years (The time the Hammonton “Friends and Family First” party) has been in power, and the town solicitor viciously verbally attacks the person asking the hard questions…

It is time for a change.

When the current mayor does not always obtain needed building, zoning or Pinelands permits and approvals…

When the everyday needs of all our citizens are ignored and it feels like only “friends and family” get attention…

When our current administration complains that citizens should advise them ahead of time when they are coming to a council meeting with concerns, so they are not “blindsided.” And they can be prepared…

When Hammonton starts to look like “Little Washington” with people in power so long they lose sight of the needs of the everyday person. And are only concerned with optics and not losing control and power…

It is time for a change.

Your Republican team of myself Bill Cappuccio for Mayor, Rocco “Rick” Fichetola, Anthony “Tony” Penza and Anthony Rizzotte for town council will bring the change that this town desperately needs and with your support we can give Hammonton a much brighter future for all of our residents.

It is time for a change.

William “Bill” Cappuccio

Republican Candidate for Mayor



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