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Letters to the Editor: Joe Giralo for County Clerk

To the Editor:

Having followed Joe Giralo’s tenure in elected office, I am confident that he will make a fantastic county clerk. He has served in a variety of positions that have given him the experience needed to run an office such as the clerk’s office. Most of all, Joe has a critical quality that is needed to be a successful clerk: he is out there listening to people.

As a town councilman, Joe always made time to interact with the public. He attended public events like our annual Memorial Day Ceremony, the Blueberry Festival, Cruisin’ Main Street and the Feast of Our Lady of Mt Carmel. He makes it a point to attend every dinner, BBQ and fish fry hosted by local organizations. He truly supports our community. Most importantly, he was not just simply supporting our great clubs in Hammonton. He was listening to people and learning about their concerns and opinions about what was happening in our town.

I think this proactive listening is exactly what we need from our county clerk. Everyone is concerned about transparency in our elections. We want every eligible person to be able to vote and for their vote to be counted. Joe Giralo will be able to address these concerns because he listens.

It is not just voting. The clerk handles the recording of real estate transactions as well. One of our most precious assets is our home. Wouldn’t we want someone who listens to be in charge of processing the paperwork?

The clerk’s office also manages some of our services for veterans. Veterans have faithfully defended our way of life. We owe them so much. I can find no one better to hear the concerns and take action than Joe Giralo.

Ultimately, the clerk’s office is about trust. I can think of no one I trust more in that position than Joe Giralo. This November, vote Giralo for County Clerk!

Mary Gillespie



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