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Letters to the Editor: Legalization of Marijuana

To the Editor:

To the attention of our town government:

How sad that our community and our state, have approved the legalization of cannabis use. The only positive thing is that a municipality such as Hammonton may prohibit the operation by the enactment of an ordinance. Since our “town fathers” will evaluate various options of this legislation, this action allows me to take a deep breath.

Gentlemen, how many of you are fathers and/or grandfathers?

I should hope you are concerned about your moral obligation and responsibility to the human race? Has anyone ever thought about the potency of this addictive drug?

Recreational use can be, and has been lethal. Think about your children and grandkids.

Let’s assume a family member under the age of 17 gets arrested for using marijuana.

Law enforcement officers are prohibited by law not to notify their parents or guardians.

The young person is not concerned because there will be no charge against him. (side-bar: just learned moments ago that Governor Phil Murphy has recently changed parental notification. The Legislators have “recently realized” that these young people under 17 could be used as “mules” to transport marijuana, other drugs, alcohol, etc.) So that being said, let’s move on.

Young or old, you can become permanently impaired.

Our governor and his legislators promoted the “yes” vote using the platform of making a million plus dollars on this enactment, which would relieve their $40 billion plus budget. You don’t have to be a genius to do the math. Speaking of math, it is an embarrassment to our town that more than 4,000 voters approved this legalization that would change our New Jersey Constitution, by a percentage of two to one.

Councilman Johnathan Oliva along with Councilman Thomas Gribbin have stressed their responsibility, and will act with accountability. Councilman William Olivo has made a most profound statement by asking, “Did the people know what they were voting for?” In my opinion, “no they did not!”

Councilman Sam Rodio stated the need for “a lot of research” along with Councilman Steven Furgione. Did any of the voters think about this before they voted?

Councilman Joseph Giralo was on target when he said we could go from the Blueberry Capital to the Marijuana Capital ... Gentlemen, the horse has left the barn, it’s too late to close the gate!

Our town leaders are concerned about “public safety” and rightly so. There is a great deal of homework to be done. Will it be completed before the bell rings?

We can go from the “Garden State” to the “Weed State.” Then there is the possibility of going from, “Hammonton: The Hub of South Jersey” to “Hammonton: The Marijuana Marketplace.”

It’s your call, the “nay” voters are watching and listening. The future of our lovely and “safe” comfortable town, is at stake. My passion for Hammonton sometimes overwhelms me!

Good luck, and God bless all of you.

Joanna Conn



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